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My Family Page

[Can't forget them cuz they won't let me!]

Just to let you know a little about myself and my family......

We moved to Saskatchewan from Ontario (you might have guessed, we live in Canada) in the early 80's and have been here ever since. For the last 18 years, I have been involved in Health Care one way or another. First, as an EMT volunteer with the ambulance in a small town for several years. I also worked at the local hospital as a Nurse's Aide. In 1990, my family and I moved to Regina where I attended college and became a registered nurse (and a Grandma!). Been in Regina ever since .

I have also been very involved in my community. I was President of our local Community Association for 4 years. I finally had to give it up after a back injury as there were too many demands on my time between family and work.

I have three daughters, currently 26, 25 and 18. I also have six wonderful grandchildren, five boys and one girl. They range in age from 1 to 9. They are my revenge on my own children!

What can I say about my family that won't get me into too much trouble!

I have 3 beautiful daughters. Two are grown with children of their own. These 2 have multiplied into six!! Five wonderful grandsons and a terrific granddaughter!

Also 2 son-in-laws, who don't refer to me as a wicked witch or anything.

And I still have a delightful (?) teen still at home. This one  just has an iguana! She just started a full time job and now has her own car. Can her own apartment be far behind!

My other half is a wonderful (had to say that) man who works full days at his mechanic job and then comes home to his real job, US!

Sounds like we might be in for the 'empty nest' syndrome soon? No way!!

We also have my oldest grandson with us. What a difference raising a boy! Thank goodness (?) for Pokemon!

Also have an uncle, who lives on our couch. We'd let him have a room but he doesn't want it, just prefers the living room! He's very handy to have around the house!

So as you can see, we're full. Please don't send anymore!!!

I have many interests that include gardening, designing (and redesigning) my pond, and taking care of my koi. The back yard is my sanctuary (except when the grandchildren are around!) and I spend a lot of time there whenever I can. I like to watch the koi in the pond, and the birds feeding from the feeders I have put out for them. I spend a lot of time making sure my flower gardens are watered and healthy. Usually, it is fairly peaceful out there.

I also enjoy playing on the computer, and figuring out how to use new programs (and hardware!). I have come a long way for someone who knew very little about computers about 3 years ago! Of course, I have had help with the problems I have created (using DELETE) and just look at what I'm doing now! The computer is my hobby now that I can't do much physical labor and it's too cold to be outside, and the pond is frozen over. 

   My Mother's dog, Butch.

Found the perfect Valentine's card. Fits our home to a 'T'!

And it's even a 'Hallmark'! I guess they do have cards for everyone!


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NeoPets is way too cool for only the young! I have a blast! And so do many other adults!

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