Any activity that brings you to your center can become part of your magickal path.  For some people that can be Yoga, or running, or, believe it or not, riding a motorcycle. 

Any biker will tell you that you have to become one with your bike.  What they often don't tell you is that when you learn to extend yourself to become one with your bike, you also become one with the wind, the road, the sun...  The sense of flow and oneness with the world is incredible!  It’s a moving meditation. 

For me, learning to ride a motorcycle has been one lesson after another… I’ve had to learn patience, flow, overcoming obstacles, facing fear, accepting help, overcoming the “I can’t” monster, boundaries, taking safe risks.  The payoff has been freedom from a lot of the issues holding me back, flow, increased confidence, and much more.  I definitely recommend motorcycle riding as a magickal, meditative practice.

Here is a link to an article at
The Pagan Library on Wicca and Motorcycles... I don't agree with everything he says, but he has an interesting point of view! 

Ride safe, and ride often!

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Magic Motorcycles!
Posted 8/01