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Hecate Enthroned - "Dark Requiems...and Unsilent Massacre" (BlackEnd, CD, 1998)
In '95 they've released the "Upon Promethean Shores" MCD and in '97 their debut entitled "The slaughter of Innocence". Hecate Enthroned is whom I'm talking about, the british Black Metal band in the vein of (old) Cradle of Filth. This was their second release of atmospheric black metal (over) filled with magnificent keyboards and constant high pitched screams (I donīt know how could Jon handle it, really). Ocasionally a background deathmetalish voice can also be heard, either speaking or following the main one. About the album itself, it starts with an instrumental track entitled "In Nomine Satanas" (this is indeed a quite original title), the remaining ones can be resumed to fast rythms intercalated with peaceful (very emotional and atmospheric) parts. As for the strings section, it could be more audible...damn muffling keyboards!. After all this there's still time for another instrumental track entitled "For thee in Sinful Obscurity (wich is mainly dominated by a piano melody...it's good, actually). As a final note, I think that this album has countless interesting moments, but "The Slaughter of Innocence" is and will be their best piece of music ever

1 - Intro (In Nomine Satanas) 
2 - The Pagan Swords of Legend
3 - Centuries of Wolfen Hunger
4 - Forever in Ebony Drowning
5 - Upon the Kingdom Throne
6 - For Thee, In Sinful Obscurity
7 - Dark Requiems, And Unsilent Massacre
8 - Thy Sorrow Bequeathed
9 - The Scarlet Forsaken
10 - Ancient Graveless Dawn



Hecate Enthroned - "Kings of Chaos" (Blackend, CD, 2000)
In spite of the almost endless resemblances with "Dwarf & the Filths" (maybe by Jon and Paul's influence), finally an own style was acquired by this (also) british sextet (surprinsingly - or maybe not - now they're more into death metal); this change came within this latest release,"Kings of Chaos". By featuring a new keyboardist (Daz,replacer of Michael) their sonority changed; the keyboards aren't any more the main element in the music, that's pretty obvious. The typical dark atmospheres were replaced by brutality, and so they've came up with a pleasant death metal that won't disappoint (I must say that I'm an exception). Another change within the band was the departure of Jon (ex-Cradle of Filth), now Dean is the responsible for the vocals, this time more guttural than high pitched. "Perjurer" (its initial riffing and drumming could be something from Deicide's "Insineratehymn") and "The Downfall" are some of the best tracks, but - in my opinion - they're not much compared with the first albums; if they didn't had such precedents maybe I'd like this a bit more. Now the doubt persists...will these guys change their style again on the next album? Let's wait and see.

1 - Miasma
2 - Perjurer 
3 - Deceiving The Deceiver
4 - Malignant Entity 
5 - Blessing In Disguise
6 - I Am Born 
7 - Exhaulted In Depravity 
8 - Conquest Complete 
9 - The Downfall 
10 - Repent 
11 - Witch Queen Ascending 



Holocausto Canibal - "Gonorreia Visceral" (So Die Music, CD, 1999)
If you're desperately searching for some real grindcore overfilled with gore, look no further (start by checking out the album's cover, for instance). These guys are portuguese and they were formed in '98 (releasing a demo tape some time later). After several changes in the line-up, presently they feature: J.P (bass/lyrics/founder member), Ricardo (vocals), Nuno (guitar) and Ivan (drums). IMO they're one of the most active portuguese bands, they've already played with many bands including Vader, Avulsed and more); it's amazing how in a couple of years they've manage to gain a so respectable position within the underground scene (mainly due to their efficient and always brutal performances, with the inclusion of some slicing-and-throwing-meat-to-the-audience moments). Well, about this debut album itself, all the tracks (8) are as expected for a band of this style: small, fast, simple, brutal and with a guttural voice (with the typical intros/outros from horror/gore movies, such as the well-known "Braindead"). Regarding the album's lyrics, this band is maniacally obsessed by gore and everything concerning it, with track titles such as "Convulsed Vagina", "Self-inflicted Anthropophagy" and "Impalement", we couldn't really expect nothing more from this (both titles and lyrics are written in Portuguese, I've just translated them). The worst I could find here was the production, it could be much better.

1 - Vagina Convulsa
2 - Holocausto Canibal
3 - Empalamento
4 - Antropagia Auto Infligida
5 - Septicemia Vaginal
6 - Carnificina Psicopata
7 - Gorgasmos... Orgasmicos Espasmos Gore
8 - Faixa Oito