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Vader - "Litany" (Metal Blade, CD, 2000)
If there was a "Music Dicionary", Vader would be there as a synonymous for "Devastating war machine" or something like that. As you all probably know, these guys had many difficulties in the beginning of their career due to the Polish politic regime, but fortunately they've managed to surpass them; after many albums and years of touring all over the world, they've reached an envied position within the death metal scene. Anyway - and after this shitty introduction - I was very curious (and afraid at the same time) about "Litany" (would they change their style just by signing for Metal Blade?). Well, fortunately I was completely wrong! These guys literally brutalize their music from release to release, it's quite impressive. The riffing is utterly fast and technical, a fact that Peter's typical/powerful vocals only help to corroborate. Doc is once again faster than Hell throughout all the album, specially on "Wings", "The One Made of Dreams" and "A World of Hurt" (my theory that he's a drum machine dressed up as a person won't change). Here we have a fast-paced, brutal and very convincing album, essential if you miss some good death metal.

1 - Wings
2 - The One Made of Dreams
3 - Xeper
4 - Litany
5 - Cold Demons
6 - The Calling
7 - North
8 - Forwards to Die
9 - A World of Hurt
10 - The World Made Flesh



Vader - "Reign Forever World" (Metal Blade, CD, 2001)
Many people thinks that this is the sucessor of last year's "Litany", but (unfortunately) that's not true, we'll have to wait a whole year till that comes out (its release is scheduled for the Summer..of 2002!). Anyway, what we have here is an album composed by 3 original themes ("Reign Forever World", "Frozen Paths" & "Privilege of The Gods"), 3 covers (Destruction's "Total Desaster", "Rapid Fire" from Judas Priest, "Freezing Moon" from Mayhem) and 2 live tracks ("Creatures of The Light and Darkness" and the powerful "Carnal"). They've also added 2 more tracks only available on the Japanese market ("Red Dunes" & "Lord of Desert"). Concerning the original themes, they're in the vein of Vader's typical sound, but generally lightly slower...maybe they've realized that faster tracks were impossible to make (don't be disappointed, you can still hear lots of demolishing passages lead by that unstopable machine gun called Doc). Between the originals, my favourite is "Frozen Paths"; concerning the covers, the unbeatable "Freezing Moon" really surprised me, it's a hell of an interpretation. To complete this "trio", I suggest the intense "Carnal", not advisable for anyone with a weak heart. 

1 - Reign Forever World
2 - Frozen Paths
3 - Privilege of the Gods
4 - Total Desaster (Destruction Cover)
5 - Rapid Fire (Judas Priest cover)
6 - Freezing moon (Mayhem cover)
7 - Creatures of Light and Darkness (live)
8 - Carnal (live)
9 - Red Dunes
10 -Lord of Desert