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Kreator - "Past Life Trauma" (Noise Records, CD, 2000)
I confess that I never was a great fan of best-offs, for they're normally just an easy way to earn some money and generally are nothing more than a pack of already-released songs, with nothing new. However, there are best-offs that are different, and this is one of them.
The reason that led to the release of this record was typical: Noise Records wanted to make some cash, so they decided to release a pack of some of the best musics recorded by Kreator during their most famous 1985-1992 (5 albums) period; the band could do nothing, so they preferred to arrange the album with the label, instead of just being apart from all the process. 
It was decided that "past life trauma" would also have four extra songs, live recordings never released, and everything would be remasterized. So, older, rawer themes like "tormentor" still have that great underground, raw atmosphere, while at the same time beneficiating from better sound conditions; the newer, cleaner sounding songs didn't need much alteration.
Another great idea was to put comentaries by Mille Petrozza (the band's frontman) to every song, besides including the lyrics, something quite rare in best-offs; 
And the most important thing: KREATOR! These exceptional german thrashers really get you to do some serious headbanging to their music, and remember everyone who forgot that they were a great influence to many bands. It would be great that they would return to this sonority, instead of the more experimental ways they are now leading, for these are the sounds that the fans like to hear, at home or at a gig.
I only give this best-of a 16 because it doesn't add much to the original albums already released (just 4 rare tracks and some written commentaries...).

1 - Betrayer
2 - Pleasure To Kill
3 - When The Sun Burns Red
4 - Endless Pain
5 - Winter Martyrium
6 - Flag Of Hate
7 - Extreme Agressions
8 - After The Attack
9 - Trauma
10 - People Of The Lie
11 - Renewal
12 - Terrible Certainty
13 - Love Us Or Hate Us
14 - Total Death
15 - Europe After The Rain
16 - Under The Guillotine
17 - Terror Zone
18 - Tormentor



Krisiun - "Conquerors of Armageddon" (Century Media, CD, 2000)
The Brazilian Deathmetal veterans Krisun are back, more brutal than ever, this time  prepared to conquer all Deathmetal fans out there!
Now the album... The main difference between this album and it's predecessors is the production, miles ahead from any other album they've recorded until now, we are now able to listen to the drums and to the guitars at the same time, what didn't happened before. The production allied to the brutality that Krisiun has used us to, makes this one of the best Deathmetal releases ever - simply 9 tracks of pure brutality!
The guitar work is in the vein of the other albums what means it is very technical and fast. The voice is the typical guttural Deathmetal, and the drums' work is absolutely astonishing, I don't know how Max Kolesne handle to play so damn fast, he is a GREAT drummer, joining both technique and quickness in a unique way.
This album is just essential to any Deathmetal fan, but if you are not a Deathmetal fan I think you'll love it anyway.

P.S. Thank Century Media for providing much better conditions to Krisiun, than they had in Brazil for recording this precious jewel.

1 - Intro-Ravager
2 - Abyssal Gates
3 - Soul Devourer
4 - Messiah's Abomination
5 - Cursed Scrolls
6 - Conquerors of Armageddon
7 - Hatred Inherit
8 - Iron Stakes
9 - Endless Madness Descends



Kristallnacht - "Adversary" (Sombre Records, EP, 2002)
After 8 years of existence, this is the last release from the French NS Black Metal band Kristallnacht. It contains two authentic Black Metal hymns directly from the catacombs to our ears, namely “Unblessed Souls” and “Downfall Herald
's Retribution” which is my favourite of this two. “Unblessed Souls” reminds me the tracks of their debut release when they were Funeral or maybe some tracks on “Of Elitism And War” fast and intense Black Metal with killing riffs (no, don’t expect Marduk) and a fast drum, no great works on composition but it’s a good track. The other track is very emotional or maybe not, I can’t describe well what I feel when I listen to “Downfall Heralds Retribution”, it’s a slow track with great sad and melancholic riffs not the fast ones I’m used to listen coming from this band. The voice on this track is wonderful… for me this music is almost perfect.
I like the L.F. screams but on Kristallnacht I’ll always prefer Xaphan vocals on Funeral era. The guitars have always that hopeful and depressing feeling which I like. Even simple I think the drum programming fits very well on the tracks; I think simple things can be better than technical ones. The production is raw, the way you can find on “Of Elitism and War” album, but I think this is one thing that gave to this band the right spirit of underground, literally. Kristallnacht had its end and this was a nice goodbye but L.F. will keep working on the underground with his label Warspirit Records and convicted of its ideals he stands proud, he haven’t changed his mind for end Kristallnacht and even don’t agreeing with him ideology I admire him for keeping the same fight.

1 - Unblessed Souls
2 - Downfall Herald's Retribution


Lord Infaustum