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Zyklon - "World ov Worms" (Candlelight, CD, 2001)
This is the debut album of a band formed by some very well known musicians of the black/death metal scene: Samoth (the mentor of this project) and Trym from Emperor, Daemon from Limbonic Art and Destruchtor from Myrkskog.
About the album, I think it is a perfect example of what Blackmetal and Deathmetal are developing to: an hybrid form between both, called by some ones Extreme metal.
In Zyklon's sound you can find influences of Emperor's majestic Blackmetal and Myrkskog's Deathmetal joined together with some electronic influences and some samples from movies. So their sound is cold and epic like Emperor, direct and very fast like Myrkskog with some kind of Industrial sounds.
About the performance of the members, Trym showed once again that is a very skillful drummer and that his work with Samoth really works well, about Destruchtor his mark is very evidence in the guitar's sound and style - a very direct and fast one, and the presence of Daemon makes the vocal lines the traditional raw Blackmetal with some high pitched screams.
The lyrics (all written by Faust who is still in prison) are about chaos and destruction in a satirized critic to humanity, as you can see, for example, in the title of this album - "World ov Worms".
Many people may say that this extreme metal stuff is a new trend, but I think it's a step forward for Blackmetal and Deathmetal; it's the metal sound for the new millennium!

1 - Hammer Revelation
2 - Deduced To Overkill
3 - Chaos Deathcult
4 - Storm Detonation
5 - Zycloned
6 - Terrordrome
7 - Worm World
8 - Transcendental War - Battle Between Gods