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Various Artists

In Conspiraçy with Satan - A Tribute to Bathory  (No Fashion Records, CD, 1998)
It's about time that someone remembers to pay homage to one of the most (if not the most) important band in the beginning of what as become a great movement worldwide - Blackmetal.
First thing that surprised me in this release was the name of the bands involved, because usually this kind of tributes only has the purpose of some small bands getting bigger, but this time, the great majority of the bands featured in here are already well known and respected (Emperor, Marduk, Satyricon just to name a few).
But lets talk about what really matters, the quality of the cover versions. Surprisingly in most of them the spirit that Quorthon put in to the songs, was not ruined by the covers, and this results in great covers (with some exceptions, Gehennah's cover version of "Reaper, for instance).
The only bad aspect of this Tribute is it's late release, because a band like Bathory is worth a Tribute for very long years now, but as many say, it's better late then never.
Anyhow, I think the purpose of this Tribute was completely achieved, so if you like Bathory as I do, and everyone should, check out this release.

Note that thou Bathory isn't anymore related to Blackmetal, this tribute is dedicated to the first three albums of real and pure Blackmetal.

1 - Marduk - In Conspiracy with Satan
2 - Ophthalamia - Sacrifice
3 - Gehennah - Reaper
4 - Dark Funeral - Equimanthorn
5 - Emperor - A Fine Day To Day
6 - Lord Belial - Massacre
7 - The Abyss - Armageddon
8 - Marduk - Woman of Dark Desires
9 - Nifelheim - Die In Fire
10 - Necrophobic - Enter The Eternal Fire
11 - Dark Funeral - Call From The Grave
12 - Sacramentum - 13 Candles
13 - Unanimated - Raise The Dead
14 - Satyricon - Born For Burning
15 - War - War