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Frequently Asked Questions
Is homeschooling legal?

How do I start?

What if I don't have a teaching degree?

Can I homeschool if I am living on a very tight budget?

What material would be helpful for a Black-oriented curriculum?

Where can I get Black-oriented educational material for my children?

How do I withdraw my children from a school in Ontario?

Why have parents rejected institutionalized schooling for their children?

How can I find other homeschoolers of colour in my area?

How can I teach about our history (esp. slavery) without engendering hate?

Can I just homeschool just one of my children?

How does my child earn high school credits while homeschooled?

What about going to university or college after only homeschooling?

How can my children have a social life if they're homeschooled?

Where do I purchase the curriculum?

What are the resources I can use?

I want to be an AHA Rep or start an AHA group for my area

Is there an AHA representative in my area?

Are there any books or sites about Black homeschoolers who have done it or are doing it?

Which catalogues and material are must-haves?

What curriculum do I use? Do I have to use a curriculum?

What about learning on the internet? Where are some great sites?

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