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EBook is available in the standard EPOC SIS package. 

There are two packages available, the standard one is suitable for most people whilst the Unicode version is for people who need to read Japanese, Chinese or Korean documents and have the Enfour UniFEP drivers v2 or later installed on their EPOC device.

The Unicode version is available in three versions, one with an English interface & help, another with a Japanese interface & help and the last with a Chinese interface. To download the Japanese version please go to the Japanese pages here. All these versions support the same types of documents, i.e. Japanese, Chinese or Korean depending on the version of UniFEP installed. You must have the Enfour UniFEP drivers v2 or later installed to use the Unicode version of EBook. You must have a Psion 618C to use the Chinese translated version of EBook.

The following SIS package works on all current EPOC devices: Series 5/Osaris/Revo/Mako/MC218/Series 5mx/Series 7/Netbook.

     Download EBook v2.3 (SIS in ZIP file) (English/German/French/Russian)

The following SIS package is for Japanese, Chinese and Korean documents using Enfour UniFEP drivers. This runs on UniFEP supported EPOC devices: Revo/Mako/618C/MC218/Series 5mx

     Download EBookUni v2.3 (SIS in ZIP file) (English Unicode version for Japanese/Chinese/Korean)

     Download EBookChn v2.3 (SIS in ZIP file) (Chinese Traditional Unicode version for Psion 618C)

Note: Unfortunately, for security reasons, this web server does not support files with the SIS extension, so the only option is to download the above ZIP file and extract the SIS file.

Note For Series 5 Classic users: If you do not have an Add/Remove in your Control Panel then download this file, extract the file instexe.exe, copy it to your Series 5 and open it. This will install the option into your Control Panel and you will be able to install the SIS file.

Installation instructions are supplied with the ZIP file, to read them click here

The README.TXT is available to read here

Copyright 2000-2002 Simon Quinn. All Rights Reserved