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EPOC Fonts

This page is a collection of fonts and font utilities for EPOC that can be used with EBook. The loadable font support is a facility that has been available since the Psion 5 but is rarely used or known about.

These loadable fonts use the .GDR file extension and they need to be loaded using a font loader or by putting them in the \SYSTEM\FONTS directory on the EPOC device. The latter method does not work on the Psion 5.

Note: I do not offer any support for problems with loading fonts.

Font Loader Utility - FTest

This can be used to load fonts into the EPOC device without having to put them into the \SYSTEM\FONTS directory. Fonts stay loaded until the last application using them has quit, so it is a good idea to keep FTest running in the background.


Here is a collection of GDR loadable fonts.

Before installing do a full backup of your machine just in case.

To install them unzip and do one of the following:

  • put the GDR file into the \SYSTEM\FONTS\ directory (create it if necessary). You may have to do a soft reboot for the fonts to appear. This method does not work on the Series5. WARNING: Bad fonts can sometimes stop the EPOC machine from rebooting, best to test the font first with the second loading method.
  • Use the Font Loader utility - FTest, you'll need to keep it running for the font to appear in EBook.

This collection will hopefully grow as more are discovered.

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