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Here is a collection of links to various e-text/e-book sites:

  • MemoWare - The PDA Document Repository - thousands of free e-texts in PalmDOC format. Note: there are documents that are in other formats such as iSilo, Peanut, TomeRaider etc. which are proprietary formats and not supported in EBook. Please look for DOC, TCR and Text files on this site.
  • Project Guttenberg - thousands of free classic books in text format. You can easily convert these to Palm DOC files by using Makedoc. For UK surfers the site is mirrored at the excellent UK Mirror Service.
  • Aportis eBook Library - 4000 free e-texts, all in PalmDOC (AportiisDoc) format and displayable with EBook for EPOC.
  • Palm EText webring - links to many e-texts
  • EPOC Books - lots of books
  • Handheld Crime - Interesting site with crime fiction in Paalm DOC format
  • Pilot Screwdriver - Converts your favourite web pages into Palm DOC files to read using EBook.
  • Aportis Technologies - inventors of the AportisDoc file format, i.e. commonly known as PalmDOC, and a great bunch of people. They sell a number of programs for the PalmOS devices and some PalmDOC convertors for Windows. They also have a PDF to PalmDOC converter available for free.
  • - Russian Psion web site
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Other EPOC Software titles (Freeware) I've written or programmed on:

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