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21/12/01 Update: Added a Windows TCR program (written by Jeremy Smith) to convert between Text, HTML and TCR file formats.

22/7/01 Update: Chinese (Traditional) translated version of EBook v2.3 has been released. This will only run on the Psion 618C. Thanks to Adrian Wang for the translation.

21/7/01 Update: Japanese version of EBook v2.3 has been released.

EBook v2.3 has just been released. Here are the new features:

  • 4x speed increase on Series7 and netBooks.
  • Justified Text.
  • Definable margin around text.
  • Improved Bookmark dialogs for Series 5 and Series 7/netBook.
  • Cosmetic improvements to UI on Series7/netBook.
  • Hot key for skipping Guttenberg etext headers. Press Shift+Ctrl+F to skip the header.
  • Last position read navigation.


EBook v2.2b has been released. The only change in this version is an enhancement for Series7 and netBooks. This enhancement is a 4 times speed increase for Series7 and netBook devices! Other devices will see no change. The Unicode version of EBook is not affected by this enhancement.


The Russian version of EBook v2.2 has been released. Thanks to King Midas for the translation. Visit his Russian Psion page at

EBook v2.2 has just been released. The main addition for this release is Unicode support for Japanese, Chinese and Korean documents.

New Features:

  • Unicode version now available supporting Japanese, Chinese and Korean. This is a separate SIS package and requires Enfour's UniFEP v2 or later.
  • Recent files menu, recalls last five documents opened.
  • Leaving "Books Folder" blank in preferences now causes last folder opened to be remembered.
  • Added file modification date to Document Information dialog, removed Records info.

Unicode additional features:

  • Supports and auto-detects ShiftJIS, JIS, EUC, UTF-8, EUCKR (CP949), BIG5 and GB2313 encoded documents


  • File recogniser now always installs onto the C: drive, could cause crashes when installed on removable D: drive
  • Crash when reading more PalmDOC bookmarks than can be stored

Added Comic Sans font to EPOC fonts.

For the last 3 months I've been working on the Unicode version of EBook which will be released soon as v2.2 of EBook along with a few additions and fixes in the standard version.

The French version of EBook v2.1 has been released. Thanks to Gérald Aubard for the translation.

EBook v2.1 has just been released. This is mainly a bug fix but has a few enhancements:

New Features:

  • rename bookmarks
  • bookmark navigation hotkeys changed to use single key presses
  • changed minimum autoscroll speed to .5 secs


  • restored missing spacing between paragraphs with "Group by paragraphs" formatting
  • problem with top line being blank on page down with "Obey Original" formatting

The German version of EBook v2.0 has been released. Thanks to Gunter Aigmueller for the translation.

The Italian version of EBook v2.0 has been released. Thanks to Salvo Micciché and Paolo Esini for the translation.

EBook v2.0 has just been released. From v2.0 onwards EBook is now Shareware, the previous versions were Freeware.

Changes from v1.2:

New Features:
  • bookmark navigation enhancements
  • Palm DOC bookmarks reading
  • scrollbar
  • clipboard copy and copy to file
  • autoscroll
  • "code page 850" support
  • EPOC font file format (.gdr) support - allows the use of non-latin fonts etc, such as Russian
  • view preferences tidied up
  • improvement to find positioning, now displays from the beginning of a line when it finds a word
  • same as above for the goto percentage and scrollbar
  • document is always displayed from top of screen, used to have problems with pageup to top
  • did not rescan bookmarks if an invalid bookmark file existed
  • "Removed File Error" when opening EBook and previoius document is not there
  • disabled "Find Next" if no search string has been entered
  • occassional line down crash/jump problem with TCR documents

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