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An e-text is displaying strange characters.

This is probably because you are viewing a document that is in unsupported proprietary format such as iSilo, Rocket e-text, LIT (Microsoft Reader) or Microsoft Word.

Opening an e-text crashes EBook.

Corrupt e-texts in the Palm DOC and TCR format can crash EBook but in most cases EBook should detect a corrupt file and report this without crashing. Corrupt TCR files are particularly difficult to detect. Corruption of an e-text can occur if you have downloaded a document using Netscape and the web server was not configured to recognise the file as a binary file. Downloader tools such as Getright can solve this sort of problem.

EBook crashes when it is initially started

A solution that sometimes fixes this is to do a soft-reboot. If you have run a previous version of EBook try deleting the file \SYSTEM\APPS\EBOOK\EBOOK.INI on your C: or D: drive.

EBook associations are lost after soft-reset.

If you lose PRC and Text file association with EBook after a soft reset, rename the directory \SYSTEM\APPS\EBOOK to \SYSTEM\APPS\EBOOKX and then rename it back to \SYSTEM\APPS\EBOOK.

Does EBook support ZIP files?

EBook does not support ZIP files as the whole file must be uncompressed before the text file can be read. Compressed documents using Palm DOC and TCR only uncompressed on-the-fly a little at a time, this saves memory and is much quicker.

Does EBook support EPOC Word documents?

EBook does not support EPOC Word documents but it is possible to do File > More > Export as text file inside EPOC Word and read the text file created with EBook.

I see lots of files with the EBM extension in my directories.

When you open an e-text or text document a bookmark file is created with the EBM extension, by default it is created in the same directory as the document you opened. You can specify a single directory that these files are created by setting Tools > General Prefs > Bookmark folder. You can move your current bookmarks into this directory and EBook will find them when you open the associated document.

What is the difference between stored and embedded bookmarks?

The Palm DOC standard defines two types of bookmarks, stored and embedded:

  • Stored bookmarks are bookmarks stored in the last few records of the Palm DOC file. Not all Palm DOC creation software supports this standard and it is not commonly used.
  • Embedded bookmarks use markers defined at the end of the file surrounded by the < > symbols. The first time EBook opens the document, it scans through the document looking for the marker string, making bookmarks for each instance of the string. Embedded bookmarks are easier to create as they can be inserted using a text editor before converting it to a Palm DOC file. Embedded bookmarks are also supported using the text and TCR documents.

What are the differences between Palm DOC (prc) and TCR files?

Palm DOC files were originally designed to be used on the PalmOS handhelds but have become so popular that they are supported on other platforms. TCR files were originally designed for the Psion 3 series and give a slightly better compression ratio than Palm DOCs.

Palm DOC advantages:

  • Massive number of documents available
  • Extra information such as document title, original uncompressed size, etc. stored in the document
  • Can contain predefined bookmarks
  • Can be read on many different platforms

TCR advantages:

  • Slightly better compression ratio
  • More Psion specific documents available

Does EBook work with FontMachine?

Yes, EBook works perfectly well with FontMachine.

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