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Introduction to EBook v2.3 for EPOC

EBOOK for EPOC is a Freeware electronic book (e-text/e-book) viewer. It supports the industry standard Palm DOC (Aportis) documents, as used on the Palm handhelds, TCR and regular text documents. Although primarily designed as a book reader EBook may also be used as a general document viewer but it does not support document formats such as EPOC Word, MS Word, HTML or PDF.

Looking for the Nokia Communicator version? Go here

A Unicode version of EBook is also available for reading Japanese, Chinese and Korean documents. The Unicode version requires Enfour UniFEP v2 or later and is fully compatible with the Psion 618C.

EPOC is the Operating System used by the following Psion/Symbian devices:
Series 5/Osaris/Revo/Mako/618C/MC218/Series 5mx/Series 7/netBook.

EBook works on all current EPOC devices.

What are e-texts/e-books and what is Palm DOC?

E-texts and e-books are electronic versions of books and documents. Palm DOC is a document format that is used to stores these books in a compressed format. It originated on the Palm PDAs a number of years ago and there is now a vast library available on the Internet. Go to the EText Links page for web sites.

You can download EBook from the Downloadpage. 

EBook for EPOC is Copyright 2000-2002 Simon Quinn.


21/11/02 MAJOR UPDATE: EBook for EPOC is now Freeware, register it with code XM32349101

Thanks to all those who registered!

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Features of EBook
  • Supports compressed and uncompressed Palm (Aportis) DOC files (.prc & .pdb)
  • Supports TCR documents
  • Supports and auto-detects ShiftJIS, JIS, EUC-JP, UTF-8, EUC-KR (CP949), BIG5 and GB2313 encoded documents in the Unicode version
  • Text document support (.txt) files
  • Vertical document viewing
  • Auto Scroll
  • Scrollbar navigation
  • Clipboard copy and copy to file
  • Comprehensive bookmark facility
  • 80 bookmarks per document
  • Palm DOC & TCR recogniser on ER5 handhelds (Revo/Mako/618C/MC218/S5mx/S7/netBook)
  • Palm DOC style embedded bookmarks
  • Palm DOC stored bookmarks
  • Code page 850 support
  • EPOC font file format (.gdr) support - see EPOC Fonts, this allows the use of non-latin fonts etc, such as Russian.
  • Online help
  • Small memory usage, whatever size the document viewed
  • Written in C++ for optimum speed

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EBook has received the 5 cows award from Tucows

Copyright 2000-2002 Simon Quinn. All Rights Reserved