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"Every now and then, there are some nice and useful software Psion. EBook is definitely one of them. ...EBook is an excellent software for viewing e-text and e-books..."
EPOC City (was EPOC Asia)
"...This is something no Epoc user should be without..."
Osaris Online
"...Provided you have time to read books on your Revo - and, of course, that you can find books you want to read! - EBook is a generally polished program and is the first application you should look at for Revo-enabled reading."
"...For Quality, I give Simon Quinn's EBook (version 2.2) 5 Geekheads. I would have to say that this is one of the "must have programs" that anyone should consider having on his or her Psion. The quality is outstanding and the technological advances Simon is slowly adding will only make this a stronger and even more useful application. "


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