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Click here for LJ's views LJ "Nerd" Marak

Click here for LJ's views Mark "happy foot" Metzel

Click here for a fruity taste of Mango Mike "always fruity" Mangano

Click here to learn how to get the perfect flat top... Erik "enough with...who's your daddy?" Bray

Click here for something very purple. Kim 'Kimmaaaay' Grinnell

Meet the Freak Freak's Funhouse

This is the only picture I have. Jeff 'mini-me' Carlin

Kath's Korner. Kathleen "bum bum bwanna" Hedrick

Anyone need Nurse Kelly? Kelly 'Francis Bean' Phelps

Ryan 'co-president: German Club 95-96' Bolwell Ryan 'Terrible' Bolwell

WHAT? WE'RE OUT OF BEER???!! Mike "Marshall" Marshall

Ride'm Cowboy!! Jennifer "Jen-nay" Marshall

Aloha!! Tommy "TD" Dunne

Smile! Laura "Clesson" Clesen

Porn Star Smile! Jackie "Diazasoraus" Diaz

Gimme what choo got fo' a poke chop! Craig "Big Dawgg" Apel