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Ambassadeur 5000

The 5000s series is the most popular of all reels in the Ambassadeur range as it covers the widest spectrum of fishing. (see also 5000C / 5500 / 5500C ).

The first Ambassadeur 5000 (after Record Ambassadeur 5000) was introduced in 1958/59.

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By looking only at the 5000 series of ABU reels, one can easily learn the changes that have taken place on Ambassadeur reels over the many years - both mechanically and cosmetically. Several variations were also being made for the 5000:

  • 5000A - Small Arbor (A = Arbor) for larger capacity. Early reels are not marked specifically "5000A" but are fitted instead with a small arbor spool.
  • 5000B - With Clicker (B = Buzzer) or I prefer to call it ratchet !!!


  • Weight 257g
  • Retrieve Ratio 3.75:1
  • Bronze bearing
  • Clicker (5000B)
  • Centrifugal brake
  • Capacity 12 lb / 165m (5000)
  • Capacity 12lb / 195m (5000A, 5000B))

Ambassadeur 5000 (s/n 70330, unmarked) late 1950s / early 1960s


This reel was one if the early 5000 that was not marked "Rocord" of "ABU". Made between the transition from "Record" to "ABU".


Ambassadeur 5000 (s/n 122222)

A nice example of an early ABU Ambassadeur 5000.


Ambassadeur 5000 (early "A" spool)

An early 5000, with Grey "A" type spool. Later ones have black arbors.

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Ambassadeur 5000 (black arbor )


This is an unusual reel with a black spool and black arbor..

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Ambassadeur 5000 (early 4 screw, s/n 88977)


An early example of Ambassadeur 5000 with portings on tension nut as well as handle nut. They also have a spool with grey arbor. 5 digit serial numbers. I have seen numbers from 8xxx to 15xxx. Later ones have metallic silver arbor.

abu_5000_88977.jpg (66716 bytes)

abu_5000_88977.jpg (66716 bytes)

abu_5000_88977.jpg (66716 bytes)


Ambassadeur 5000 (1960s)


This is an early 5000 with  "4-Screw" design that existed from 1958/1959 till around the mid 1960s. The earliest of post Record Ambassadeur features a spool with a gray arbor as opposed to a metallic silver arbor.

The 5000 comes with double white (pearl) handle whereas the 5000B comes with single black counterbalanced handle

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Ambassadeur 5000 (1971, s/n 087100)


A nice example of Ambassadeur 5000 made in 1971. Note the change to a black leather case.

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Ambassadeur 5000 De Luxe 


One of the earliest 24K Gold plated reels made by ABU -  in the form of a "5000 De Luxe". This model was first made in 1964 and have been made in limited numbers every year till today. It comes in a wooden presentation box with and additional higher capacity (5000A type) spare spool, tool + spare kit. 4 figure serial number on reel foot. 1xxx - 9xxx.

Till date, other example of the Deluxe reels were the 5500 Deluxe, 5600C Deluxe.

One of the finest example of an early 5000 De Luxe I have ever seen. This one had serial number 4003 on the reel foot.

 A good example of a Deluxe that was well fished but cared for by their proud owners: 

abu_5000_deluxe_1.jpg (8899 bytes)abu_5000_deluxe_2.jpg (15638 bytes)









Ambassadeur 5000 (mid 1970s)


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Ambassadeur 5000 (1978)

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