Excel 2000

Microsoft Excel is an electronic worksheet program with which you can create charts, graphs, and worksheets, for financial and other data. After you enter your financial data, you can analyse it for forecasts and generate numerous what-if scenarios.


During this course, you will learn to use a variety of tools that helps you to create professional spreadsheets, with a good understanding of the basic elements of some standard office spreadsheets.


For a more comprehensive guide, please refer to the Microsoft Excel 2000 manual. You should also refer to Microsoft Excel 2000 online help or other printed materials from local bookstores.



Edwin Koh : We begin the Journey on the New Knowledge and Skills in
Microsoft Excel 2000.






Program Modules

1 : Introduction
2 : Excel Basic
3 : Formulas & Functions

4 : Formatting Spreadsheet

5 : Charts
6 : Printing
7 : Data Management

8 : Optional (Others)



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