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Crazy Quilt Central

Your one-stop location for information about the art of crazy quilting.

The aim of this web site is to provide a centralized location
for resources and information about the art of crazy quilting
past, present, and future - both on and off the Web.

Be sure to visit these other Crazy Quilt Central pages.

CrazyQuilt FAQ

The CrazyQuilt FAQ written by the members of CrazyQuilt and compiled by Dawn Smith, Phyllis Price, Beth Barter, Karen Young, and Anne Bergner has grown considerably . It now consists of five pages. The pages were separated to make them easier to download.

CrazyQuilt FAQ
CrazyQuilt Wearables FAQ
CrazyQuilt Vest FAQ
CrazyQuilt Book FAQ

CrazyQuilt Embellishment FAQ

Crazy Quilt Project Gallery

I have added to my project gallery. I put the photos on several pages to make them easier to download.

My First Project Gallery See photos of my first five projects.

More of my projects - a tea cozy and an eyeglass case that I made for my mom.

My Christmas Tree Wall Hanging.

Some of the 6" swap blocks I've made.

Some of the 6" swap blocks I've traded for. These were made by members of the CrazyQuilt mailing list.

More of the 6" swap blocks I've made.

More of the 6" swap blocks I've traded for. These were made by members of the CrazyQuilt mailing list.

The Peach and Taupe Escapade The story of three vests.

Other Crazy Quilt Central Pages

Crazy Quilt Poems

Crazy Quilt in Print

Crazy Quilt Book Reviews In depth reviews of books that I have found helpful or motivational in making crazy quilt projects.

Crazy Quilts on Display Information about crazy quilts on display in public places around the world.

Detail of an antique crazy quilt. Photo by Carrie Bodensteiner

Detail of an antique crazy quilt made by May Lizzie Hollinger from Henderson Ky in 1886 Photo by Betty Bergner

Maury Bynum's Antique Crazy Mourning Quilt

Antique Crazy Quilt Circa 1890s with animals

Heavily Embellished Antique Crazy Quilt Dated 1885

Oldquilt Gallery Photos of antique quilts which Oldquilt has generously allowed me to use. This page will have different quilts as space allows.

About the CrazyQuilt Mailing List

This mailing list is provided by Beth Ober of Quiltropolis and was conceived by Dawn Smith.

The topic of this list is Crazy Quilting, which is a type of needlework that was popular in the Victorian era and has been gaining in popularity since a resurgence of the craft in the 70's. Crazy Quilting consists of irregularly shaped patches of fabric which are sewn to a backing fabric. The patches are usually embellished with embroidery or trims. Topics for discussion include, but are not limited to: crazy patching, antique quilts, members projects, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, other embellishments (like lace, beads, buttons and ribbons), classes, books, fabrics, ornaments, wallhangings and many others.

To join CrazyQuilt you can subscribe online at

CrazyQuilters Information about the goings on at the CrazyQuilt mailing list including swap information.

CrazyQuilt Thank You Gift for Mike and Beth Ober Photo of the wall hanging made for Mike and Beth by members of the CrazyQuilt mailing list. Has links to close-ups of each block and letters written to Mike and Beth by the makers of the blocks.

A few places to go on the Web.

The Crazy Quilt Society There's info on the upcomning CQ Conference this summer in Omaha.

Old Crazy Quilts

1890's Crazy Quilt by Minnie Hanson

Portrait of a Crazy Quilt From the collection of the National Gallery of Art

A striking Victorian Crazy Quilt.

Antique quilt.

Still more historical information.

Victorian Crazy Quilting History of crazy quilts, two modern projects, and links. Be sure to look around at this site. It's great!

Mary LaRosa's Quilt Gallery - Crazy Quilts 1908 Silk Crazy Quilt with embroidery

Childs size crazy quilt. Begun in 1884 and completed nearly 47 years later in 1931.

Antique crazy quilt made by Fannie Virginia Coffman Shenk of Harrisonburg VA.

Victorian Crazy Quilts from Country Collector

Crazy patchwork slumber throw. Includes the initials JK. Made about 1885.

The History of Crazy Quilts By Betty Pillsbury in Collaboration with Rita Vainius

Web Pages belonging to members of the CrazyQuilt mailing list

Cathi McCutcheon's CQ Page Be sure to check out the raffle blocks from the quilt that the members of the CrazyQuilt list made and raffled off at the Crazy quilt conference at Omaha this July.

Crazy Quilt Sampler Photos from the members of CrazyQuilt.

Priscilla Shrock's projects

Jan's Quilting Niche Jan Thompson's page includes both her crazy quilt vest and Carolyn McCray's wall hanging.

Another of Jan Thompson's web pages Jan has more crazy quilting at this site.

Donna Ellis's Crazy Quilt Web Page

Libby Magnello's Page

Janet Haine's Crazy Quilt Page Includes projects, patterns, stitch round robin samples, and more.

Crazy Mary's Web Page Includes Mary's round robin block of Princess Diana.

Tree's House Includes Tree's round robin block and button ideas.

Margaret Krausse's Memory Quilt

Carolyn McCray's web page. Includes pictures of her wall hanging, her swap blocks, and lots more.

Annie's Crazy World

I Luv 2 Kwilt's Home Page

Damselfly's Crazy Quilt Page

Cindy Smith's Page

Wandering Mary's Web Page

Linda Stimson's Crazy Quilting Page Be sure to visit the other pages at her beautiful site also.

Emiko's Christmas Stocking and Box Beautiful pastel projects from Japan

Spring - framed CQ piece by Emiko

Tracey's page

Oriental Round Robin

Nadine Erbland's quilted treasures includes a cq wallhanging and box

Ena Flynn's page

Tracey Hood's page

Kerri Murphy's page

Nancy Eha's Bead Creative

Other Crazy Quilt Projects

Lori Howe's Crazy Quilt Page There's lots to see here. Lori's projects and many photos of antique crazy quilts.

DeDe Harter's crazy quilt items

Deb Tilley's More or Less Vest A Crazy Quilting Fantasy

Lois Frankel's Crazy Quilt Vest and other non-crazy quilt items.

Deborah Brunner's Gallery

Crazy Quilt Project Patterns

Stack and Slash method of CQ

Embroidery and Other Embellishments

Online Stitch Dictionary Great instructions and photos of basic embroidery stitches.

CDA Ribbon Embroidery Stitch diagrams

Machine Crazy quilt stitches

Embellishments Types of Beading, Beading Designs, and Orinda Spence's Concertina Rose

Needlework FAQ: Floss, Fibers, Threads

Instructions for attaching shisha mirrors.

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