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Date: From 2001 - 2004
About: So far I've been living in Chile and I've had a lot of downers. This is all in the livejournal site.

Date: 2000
About: Living in Chile and visiting Mozambique.

Date: 1999
About: Living in Chile and the beginning of one of my many depressive states.

Date: 1998
About: Living in Chile and studying in a horrid University, getting fatter and fatter and more and more depressed.

Date: 1997
About: About to leave Australia for Chile. This is the best year I ever had in Australia. I had a lot of friends then.

Date: 1996
About: Live in Australia and in my first year of their equivalent of college (grade 11). Meeting new people, partying a lot.

Date: 1995
About: In Australia and in High School. Have a bunch of best friends, started going out and partying a lot... that includes getting drunk and stoned.

Date: 1994
About: Half of 94 in Canada the other half arrived in Australia. Big culture shock, High School scared the crap out of me.

Date: 1993
About: In Canada and in grade 8. Started to realize I could be friends with boys and not bug them and tease them all the time. Also traveled to Mongolia.

Date: 1992
About: Living in Canada but also travelling to China and Mongolia where Dad was working. Lived in Mongolia for 6 months. The weirdest experience of my life.

Date: 1991
About: Living in Paraguay. This is when my weight started to become a big issue in my house.

Date: 1990
About: Living in Paraguay. Made some cool new friends, lived in an awesome house with a pool and I went to dance classes.

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