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One Road To Choose
Set between "Going It Alone" and "Think Again" (May 2003), Diane makes a different decision, Anita stops playing games, Owen follows his heart, and Alex accepts support. The course of life in Holby is altered...

All Falls Into Place
Set three weeks after One Road To Choose, life for some residents of Holby is about to change again - and changes are not always for the best...

Change My Mind
Anita's nursing a broken heart, Diane's trying to distract herself, and Ric just wants to help.

Bit of Fun
Set at various points in early season 6, a series of linked fics that detail the bits of Ric and Diane's relationship that we didn't see.

Diane falls ill. [on hold indefinitely]

Opening Farewell
Five years after taking on her sister's son Jack, Diane returns to Holby with her husband Owen, to find that although many things have changed, some things never do.

Short fics

Think About The Future - Diane
A question from Owen makes Diane think.

My Forever - Anita
Anita POV fic - set any time after Tom has returned to Holby

Behind A Mask - Diane
Diane is left alone (set after The Heart Of The Matter)

Upside Down - Mubbs and Rosie
He never imagined that she could change his life so much (set an indefinite amount of time after You Can Choose Your Friends)

Home For Christmas - Kath and Zubin, Ric and Diane
Kath doesn't want to stay in hospital over Christmas. (set Christmas 2003)

A Christmas Card - Tom and Anita
Tom tries to explain his feelings to Anita (set after Sixty Minutes)

Back And Forth - Riane
Diane goes back to see Ric (set after The Devil You Know)

Sky Without The Sun - Riane
Ric comforts Diane (set during Seasons In The Sun)

Grown Attached - Riane
Ric goes to see Diane (set after Just Getting By)

Shine Upon Her - Comfort
Comfort's feelings after the train crash (set after End Of The Line, Pt 1, assuming they got out safely)

Golden Petals - Chrissie
Chrissie thinks about her life.

All Alone - Ed and Tom (not romance)
Ed and Tom thinking about their friendship, set after Carpe Diem

Just Another Day In Paradise - Ric and Diane, Kath and Zubin, Sandy and Nic
Fic written for Luce - happy birthday!

Where We Belong - Anita and Tom
Anita and Tom discuss what has happened (set after Carpe Diem)

Fine Lines - Anita
Anita thinks about her relationship with Tom (set after Parent Trap)

Only Love - Ric and Diane
Ric and Diane mush... sappy and plotless!

Photos - Ric and Diane
Diane and Ric are reminded of their past (set during Seasons In The Sun)

Water Under The Bridge - Ric and Diane
Diane turns to Ric after breaking up with Tom

When - Ric and Diane
Dark, angsty Riane-ish-ness

Come On Over - Ric and Diane
Ric wants to talk to Diane, but she can't be bothered.

It's All Coming Back To Me Now - Ric and Diane
Diane is head over heels in love.

Don't Be Stupid - Ric and Diane
Ric and Diane get stuck in a lift, and are forced to talk things over (set during Endgame)

I Won't Leave You Lonely - Ric and Diane
When Ric and Diane go for a picnic, they end up confronting their feelings.

Sweet Revenge - Alex and Anita
What Anita wants, Anita gets... sometimes.

Coffee - Diane
Diane's thoughts after having her termination (set after Think Again)

Forgive Me - Robbie Waring
Robbie finds out about Steve's death (set somewhere after Going It Alone)

Life Of The Party - Sandy
Sandy feels left out (set during Endgame)

It Only Hurts When I Breathe - Chrissie
Chrissie's POV of Seasons In The Sun.