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The Continent of Kaladia

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The Continent of Kaladia

is the heart of the Maelstrom Campaign. It is a massive setting,
rich in history and filled with a wealth of information. Kaladia is
home to all of the known races of Roil. Nations abound throughout
the land, whether they are "civilized" countries or "savage" lands.

These realms dominate the face of Kaladia, leaving little unclaimed
land. There are many from the "civilized" domains and even from the
barbarian lands who argue that realms held by humanoids and
non-humans are simply free lands ripe for the taking. Of course, this
greedy sentiment is mirrored by various humanoids and non-humans
who are equally envious of their counterparts' "civilized" countries.

In my usage, the term nation includes human countries, barbarian
lands, humanoid domains, independent cities, lost realms and small
humanoid states. I have created and detailed hundreds of nations
existing upon Kaladia. There are over sixty countries of the human
races alone. The Maelstrom Gallery showcases several of them.

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"As can best be determined, the sheer number of humanoids and non-humans upon Kaladia vastly exceeds the total population of every civilized country even combined with all of the barbarian lands. It is accepted fact that the more common species of humanoids and non-humans breed far more quickly than even humans. With this consideration, it is plausible that humanoids and non-humans might someday become the overwhelmingly dominant races of Kaladia.

Fortunately for our civilizations, most of these creatures are brutally savage idiots, wholly incapable of overcoming their racial prejudice to collaborate together. It is true that the Elder did forge the Corlennian Empire, and brought into it all of the evil of Kaladia. Together, these forces defeated all the strength which the armies of light could muster. Now that the Corlennian Empire lies in disarray, the tribes of humanoids and non-humans have scattered across the land. Let us all hope they never again join together..."
Nadamis the Legender

Holy Symbol of Kaichea the Loner, goddess of chaos. Copyright  1998 Brian K. Moseley. All rights reserved. Symbol of Kaichea the Loner

The Continent of Kaladia

is the largest land mass of the world of Roil. The northernmost point of Kaladia is the tip of Ka'Lageri Island, which nearly reaches sixty degrees north latitude. The lowest realm is the southern isle of the Canoba Islands, which almost touches the twentieth parallel. From its western coast to the eastern seaboard, Kaladia measures over 4,500 miles. In whole, the surface area of Kaladia exceeds nine and one-half million square miles.

Kaladia is unique among all of the continents, for it alone is populated by all of the known races. Humans from all the continents are represented here, as are all the different races of humanoids and non-humans. The people here are a tough folk, hardened by their difficult lifestyle and resourceful by sheer necessity. There are scores of civilized nations, and many barbarian realms as well. And their cultures and societies are as countless and diverse as the races comprising their populace. Scattered amongst these areas are lands completely unsettled. Most once contained their own proud civilizations, but the War of the Winds and the Time of Rains has obliterated them. Still present upon Kaladia are pockets of the Mists of Kaichea, considered by most to be the very fabric of Roil's doom.

Kaladia enjoys a great variety of climates and terrains, as its lands reach nearly from the equator to the lowest latitudes of the northern arctic. It has its healthy share of deserts, jungles, mountains and flatland. Its northern expanses are colder than would be expected, since the entire northern coastline receives the full brunt of both the freezing currents of the Olgarn, and the arctic winds from the north. The southern coast skirts near the equator, and is appropriately hot and humid.

Not all of Kaladia's lands reasonably correspond to logical and expected geographic standards. There are areas whose weather schemes are wholly inconsistent. One such example is the Darkened Realms, which endure nearly sub-tropical temperatures for most of the year, but lie above the thirty-fifth parallel. This is largely limited to lands reshaped during the War of the Winds, for such is the chaotic influence of the Mists of Kaichea.

The whole of Kaladia is divided into ten general geographic regions. Most are named for the terrain which they encompass, such as the northern tundra. But there are areas such as the Northern Reaches and the Darkened Realms, which were named by their early explorers. Also, there are the Elven Lands, which are obviously so named for the elves who inhabit its forests. And despite the many countries upon its expanse, Kaladia is a realm largely untamed and unsettled.

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