The AntiKevs Mecha File

As many of you may have noticed, from time to time in the Robotech TV series there was the odd mecha or ship that, for some reason, didn't appear in the RPG. The REF Flagship from the last two episodes, for example. Or the Mystery Fighter that Lancer's flying in episode (#71). No, it doesn't transform into the Alpha-like battloid also seen in that episode. Or how about Carpenter's ship, and it's air wing?

Then there are the ASC Battloids, which were very hard done by in the RPG. Ten Battloids, of which only one was correcly identified. And three (Four!) of them used as the basis for the EBSIS Battloids...

Finally, there are the Mecha from Robotech The Movie: The Untold Story. It appears that Palladium never aquired the rights to do an RPG book based on the movie. So I thought it wouldbe nice to do RPG conversions of the mecha from there anyway...

Gnus Update! It's been a long time, but draft versions of the Tirolian Battleship and Distroyer have finally arrived!




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