AGSMA at SDCC 1999: Saotome Family Feud
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AGSMA at SDCC 1999

Saotome Vs. Saotome.

Jin Saotome
from Capcom's Cyberbots, ultra violent with
mentally disturbing attacks.

Ranma Saotome
from Ranma 1/2, with equally
disturbing metamorphoses with water.

Along with some young innocent bystanders
Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita) and Bulleta (B.B. Hood)
Throw them all in a nightclub/bar scene
And give them totally different roles and attitudes
(except for Bulleta)
And you will get the Saotome Family Feud

There are currently only four episodes to this saga.
With possibility for future expansion with time.
We suggest that you start at the beginning.
And when you get to the end... Stop.
Clean Cup Clean Cup, Move Down!
Saotome Family Feud Episode Guide

Recollections of San Diego Comic Convention 1995, by Wayne
The Audio to San Diego Comicon 99 Skit
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