AGSMA at SDCC 2002: M**N'Sync, Episode II
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AGSMA at SDCC 2002


Episode II: Attack of the Cones
In a Universe, far far away....
Sailor Britney has managed to escape the wrath of
Christina Berylera and Beryl's Sleeze Boys (BSB)
However, turmoil still rocks the land
As new enemies appear on the pop scene
And old ones resurface in a comeback
Sailor Britney's prepared this time
With new allies of her own
And her magical transformation into a more
Powerful version of herself.
Will her new skills be enough?
Of course not.
What are you expecting?
A Miracle? Make Up?

Limit the Suffering!

Recollections of San Diego Comic Convention 2002, by Wayne
The Audio to San Diego Comic Con 2002 Skit
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