UFO Explosion

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Globe exploded.


Explosion event (UFO speculation).

An explosive sound was sometimes heard before the globe flew away.

|Disk|Sphere|Angels' Hair|Buzz|Flash|Glowing|Maneuver|Rotation|

It then exploded silently in a blinding flash of light. Sanderson, Ivan Terence.


A civilian witness claimed she heard a "thunderclap" that might have been the object exploding.

Three fisherman saw a flying-disk plunging towards the ocean. Just as it seemed to about to enter the water , turned sharply upward and exploded into thousands of fiery fragments.


The pilots of the Caccia airplane saw 3 balls leaving the UFO before the explosion.


Witness described seeing odd lights, booming noises and in some instances a fireball in the sky over the Richmond area.
Initially, the disturbance was explained as part of a Russian rocket breaking up on reentry. Geoff Chester, public relations officer with the US Naval Observatory speculatied a Russian rocket (Soyuz spacecraft) breaking up on reentry. But on Tuesday, March 13, Stefan Bocchino of the USAF Joint Space Operations Center said in an e-mail to WTOP radio in Virgina that the bright light was not the result of a man made object. The Joint Space Operations Center tracks man made objects, in space they do not track natural objects such as meteorites.