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That evening a large number of flares and blinking lights were reported from the vicinity of defense plants. Radars picked up an unidentified target 120 miles west of Los Angeles. Photograph appeared in the LA Times.


Mysterious fireballs and cigar-shaped UFOs. In October 1946. Swedish defense ministry issued a communique that radar had detected about two hundred objects "which cannot be the phenomena referred to as Swedish airplanes."


English 'ghost airplanes' that had been picked up on radar...

On 15 May 1947, 'peculiar phenomena' were blamed by Lieutenant Colonel Harlod R. Turner, commanding officer at White Sands Proving Ground (WSPG), New Mexico, for the erratic test flight of a V-2 (A-4) rocket. As the rocket climbed to an intermediate altitude of 40 miles, Kisser learned that radar technicians assigned to US Army Ordnance watched in amazement as another target instantaneously appeared right next to the missle. The V-2 veered off course and crashed to earth minutes later, 40 degrees off the normal flight path. Pending a formal report from the ground search crew, Turner said there were no clues of the missle's behaviour.


At 19:15, at least one surface-to-air missile with a 674-pound high-explosive warhead was fired at one or more radar targets hovering to the south-west of WSPG Launch Row.


The UFO was observer by Ground Observer Corps volunteers and also detected by radar.


Jet fighters had been scrambled almost nightly for a week. On three occasions radar equipped F-94s had locked on aerial targets only to have the lock-on broken by the apparent violent maneuvers of the target.


Radar sites in three different locations [Air Routing and Traffic Control Center (ARTC), Andrews Air Force Base, Washington National Airport] spotted the objects. F-94s fighters had their onboard radar lock on the targets.


Captain Casey Pierman on Capital Airlines flight 807. He and the rest of his crew saw seven objects flash across the sky. "Like falling stars without trails." Travelling at tremendous speed. National Airport radar picked up the object.


Flight controllers (Air Defense Command) directed pilot Lieutenant William Petterson to five or six unknowns on radar. Suddenly pilot sees brilliant blue-white lights. Closes in for better look and reported they were all around him. Radar room watched intercept on radar scope. They could see what the pilot was telling them on radar.

UFOs being watched on military radar. Traux Air Force Base, Wisconson picked up an unidentified return over the Soo Locks area and restricted air space. A [F-89c] fighter was scrambled from Kinross Field, Michigan to participate in an Active Air Defense Mission. Return from the F-89 disappeared from the CGI station's radarscope after merging (two blips) with UFO. Air Force claim it was another airplane Royal Canadian Air Force Dakota (C-47) later changed to a RCAF jet after deniels by the Canadian government.

Unidentified radar target tracket over New York State. Scrambled F-94 Starfire jet, Spotted a gleaming, disk-shaped apparatus. Unbearable, suffocating heat pilot bailed out.


Flying to intercept a mysterious radar reflection, an unknown French Air Force pilot photographed this craft in March 1954 (1957?) over Rouen with his gun-sight camera.


Milton Torres. As soon as he scrambled his Sabre jet from RAF Manston in Kent and headed eastwards, he saw the blip on his radar, indicating the presence of an aircraft the size of a B52 about 15 miles away, and he prepared to close in for the kill with a salvo of rockets. But the “aircraft”, judged to be hostile and probably Russian, simply vanished. The blip on the radar disappeared.


After the crash, a report began circulating that radar at the Air Force base had detected several objects accompanying the cargo plane immediately before and the aircraft was lost.


Airport radar contact with the UFO was reported but later denied. Neff-Spaur incident.


Airport Terminal Radar Controller, Julio Intrian Diaz, registered the blip of Carlos's plane on radar, the UFO executing a 270-degree turn in a radius of three or four miles at a speed of 450-500 nautical m.p.h..


Pilot Frank Auman, Jr. and UFO investigator Arlan Keith Andrews were flying in a private plane near the Savannah, Georgia Nuclear Plant. They saw a bright white UFO maneuvering in the area for four or five minutes. It made a "slight wobble" and then a hard turn, before it flew away. Jacksonville Control Center personnel at Jacksonville, Florida confirmed three UFO sightings(either radar or visuals) by pilots at the site.


The objects were being tracked on base radar, Buckley Air National Guard radar and Stapleton airport.


Large triangular craft that paces his F4-11 Phantom for approximately a half-hour. Target pasted solidly on planes radar.


Indications one of the nearby British radar facilities had tracked something at about the time a light was seen dropping into the woods at Rendlesham Forest.

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The incident was also confirmed on ground radar.


Fighter pilots onboard radar "locked on" to a target three times that night, but each time the UFO evaded them.


In July 1993 from a Radar of Rome (Practica di Mare) and a Radar in the Marche (Falconara marittima) the Italian Air force destroyed a UFO flying from Lazio to Abruzzo with two airt-to-air missles (AAMs).

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Duboc reported the sighting to Air Traffic Control and Air Defense Operations (CODA); simultaneously CODA recorded an unidentified object on radar crossing the track of the plane. The object seemed to disappear from the radar scope at the same instant as it did from the view of the crew. CODA investigations ruled out a weather balloon or any other aircraft.


"...but there is existing more than 50 such measurements; the wireless sets (radar) of the American Air Force and Navy, which are used in all fighters, cannot be so inaccurate that the information obtained with them can be doubted completely." -- Hermann Oberth.

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The term "Fast Walker."

Reportedly, foo fighters observed over Korea and Vietnam were sometimes tracked by radar.