DMS Photos - B20s

DMS 2291While on training duties in 1987 DMS 2291 had an argument with a low bridge...and lost. The following year it was converted to open top and used on the Lee Valley Park Leisure Bus route 333. It was destined to become the last DMS to be owned by one of the ex London Buses companies.
DMS 2299DMS 2299 has MCW bodywork and has retained it's Leyland engine. It's seen soon after it was acquired by Enterprise Coaches from P.V.S. in July '91.It was subsequently used for spare parts.
DMS 2386DMS 2386 has Park Royal bodywork and an IVECO engine. The air intake for the IVECO engine came up through the offside chimney, under the rear most upstairs seat to the side of the bus, covered by a small grille. In 1992 it was operating with Haven Bus and is seen in Brighton. It was scrapped in 1996.
DMS 2390DMS 2390 is seen at Hyde Park Corner on it's way to a bus rally at Finsbury Park in 1994, it's now a part open topper with Big Bus.
DMT 2413London General had some of it's B20 trainers re-panelled and re-painted, they were then re-classified DMT. DMT 2413 is seen entering the North Weald rally in 1993.
DMS 2422DMS 2422 seen in Sixpenny Handley in 1996. It will be unlikely to run again, part of the chassis was cut away to remove the gearbox? and the engine is also missing.
DMS 2456In 1984 DMS 2456 was rebuilt with many improvements, some of which were used in the L class Leyland Olympians. The front entrance had a split level step and the stair case was straight. In 1991 it became the first privately owned DMS into preservation.
DMS 2509Seen through the open front door is the glazed bulkhead that the DM class had between the front nearside bench seat and the entrance, instead of the afc equipment. So DMS 2509 shouldn't have this, a clue to the true identity of the bus is given below.
DM 2633DM 2633 shows the grille on the nearside engine cover that came with the IVECO conversions.
DM 2646DM 2646 has now been acquired for preservation, it is hoped that it maybe returned to Shillibeer livery.

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