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DMS 666The Leaside District of London Buses introduced it's own livery in 1987 - a black skirt with a broad white relief band. All the DMSs with Leaside District were used on training duties and most of them received this livery. In December 1988 Leaside District was split into Leaside Buses and London Northern, Edgware garage passed to Metroline. From July '88 this attractive livery was replaced by the, not so attractive, tape/grey livery. DMS 666 is seen on the run way at the North Weald Rally in 1989. It is raising money for charity by giving the visitors the chance to drive a bus. By this time it was based at London Northern's Holloway garage but still retained the Leaside livery which it gained in late 1987. It was sold to P.V.S. in 1991.
DMS 714In 1987 a low cost unit was set up at Norbiton garage to operated tendered routes. Trading as Kingston Bus, a mixture of Metrobuses and DMSs taken from the training fleet were used. From early 1990 the DMSs started to be replaced by surplus Metros, some of them were used at Merton to cover for B20s. DMS 714 is seen crossing London Bridge in 1990 an the Sunday service on route 44 which was extended at both ends on this day - Aldgate to Sutton. It passed to the Fire Research Establishment at Borehamwood (who found out how good it burned) in October '90.
DM 948DM 948 was converted to open top and used as a demonstrator by the sales department of London Buses. In 1984 it was sent to Catford garage for use on a sightseeing service to the Thames Barrier. It later became part of Selkent Travel's private hire fleet. It is seen in Sangley Road, Catford, on the 26th of April 1991, the last day that route 36 went down this road. The drivers on board are probably being shown the route to be taken by the 180, which will replace the 36 over this section. In 1994 it was transferred to Stagecoach Cumberland.
DMS 1500When new DMS 1500 went on a tour of the country to promote London. It was a training bus that re-entered service at Norbiton in 1987. Like DMS 714 it was transferred to Merton in 1990 and is seen in Tooting Broadway on the 5th of May. It is unusual in having the 2" white relief band without the grey skirt, a livery which I think suits the DMS, I never liked the grey skirts. DMS 1500 ended it's days at P.V.S. in December '90.
DMS 1511DMS 1511 demonstrates the Kingston Bus fleet names at Dee Road Richmond in 1990. It also passed to Merton, but not for service, it was broken up for spares.
DM 1804DM 1804 joined Norbiton's fleet in 1987, it was converted for opo so should have been reclassified D 1804. It is seen at Belmont on route 213 on the 25th of November '88.
DMS 1918DMS 1918 shows the tape grey livery enforced upon Leaside. It's on the driver a bus circuit at the 1990 North Weald. Points to note are the grey wheels, extra mirrors for the instructor to use, the lack of shrouds and the painted over YY blind box. This bus was sold to Haven Coaches in 1992 for spare parts.
DMS 1936DMS 1936 was another ex Norbiton bus, but it returned to training duties, with Metroline, after it's service days were over. The front blind box was panelled over and it was re-painted. It catches the sunshine at the St. Albans Rally in 1990. It's smart condition didn't stop it ending up with P.V.S. two and a half years later.
DMS 2064Bexleybus number 92 or DMS 2064 if you prefer is seen in Dartford on the 7th of January '89. DMS 2064 was withdrawn from Thornton Heath garage in June '83, four years later it was transferred to Ensign where it was recertified and repainted. It entered service at Bexleyheath in January '88 but only lasted two years before it was withdrawn again.
DMS 2112Bexleybus was another low cost unit set up for tendered routes. The buses had a new livery and were numbered from 1 upwards. DMSs from the sales department, as well as some bought back from Clydeside formed part of the allocation. The DMSs only lasted two years but four of them were used at Merton in 1990. They had their fronts painted red so as not to confuse intending passengers. DMS 2112 is seen in Clapham Junction on the 11th of May. It was another bus that was used for tests by the Fire Research Establishment at Borehamwood.
DMT 2489 and DM 2639Talking of burnt DMSs, did you see the last episode of 'London's Burning'? The bus that the fireman fell out of was DMT 2489, which is pictured above along side DM 2639. Just visible is the hole cut in the roof to let the smoke out. The rear emergency exit has to be propped open as they don't normally stay in the open position. The third bus, just visible on the right, is DMS 1657.
DMS 1657A better view of DMS 1657.

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