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DMS 326Many of the DMSs that passed through Ensign's had the centre exit removed to increase the seating capacity, as can be seen, from the outside there's no trace that the bus used to have dual doors. DMS 326 was used as a courtesy bus at the Pleasurewood Hills Theme park until it was sold for scrap due to engine failure.
DMS 768DMS 768 was one of the crew operated DMSs that was used on route 16 from Cricklewood garage. It was later operated as a conventional omo bus at Enfield for three months before becoming a flat fare bus on route W7 at Muswell Hill. It is seen at Seven Kings in January 1992 whilst owned by Blue Triangle, but still carries the crests of it's previous owner - Grimsby Cleethorpes.
DM 934DM 934 could have replaced DMS 768 at Cricklewood as it was one of the DMs used to replace the crew operated DMSs on route 16. It was to meet up with DMS 786 again as they were both operated by Grimsby Cleethorpes. It is seen at East Grinstead on the occasion of the Bluebell running day in 1997, soon after being repainted. It has since been converted to open top.
DM 935DM 935 had a similar London history to DM 934 - operating from Cricklewood, Upton Park and New Cross before being sold to Ensign. It is seen on Lambeth Bridge while operating with Cityrama in 1991.
DM 1020DM 1020 is seen in Peacehaven while operating with Haven Bus, complete with conductor and probably substituting for a Routemaster, in 1991. It still carries it's previous owners livery, Ensignbus, but with a grey skirt added. It is now one of the many Leyland engined DM/DMSs in the Big Bus fleet.
DM 1117Seen at the North Weald rally in 1995, it would be easy to assume that D 1117 was preserved, but it was owned by St. Ignatius college, Enfield. Now it's with the Big Bus Company but hopefully will retain it's roof and blind boxes because of it's very original condition.
DMS 1426DMS 1426 was one of the first MCW DMSs to be converted to a driver trainer, most early MCW buses had been sold when their initial CoF expired. It re-entered service at Norbition as part of Kingston Bus between 1987 and 1990. It then went back to training duties and is seen in July 1992 soon after being transferred to Shepherds Bus but still carrying the Riversidebus fleet name applied while at Stamford Brook. It was sold to Blue Triangle in 1993 and is now stored.
DMS 1439Another MCW DMS that was saved by becoming a training bus, DMS 1439 is seen entering the Showbus rally at Woburn Abbey in 1992 while owned by Allco.
DMS 1515Is it a bus? Is it a train? No it's Supercar. Used in a TV commercial to advertise the Travelcard by London Underground in 1991. DMS 1515 is seen entering the Bus of Yesteryear rally in 1992.
DMS 1616Not all single door conversions removed the centre exit, some hospitality buses, like DMS 1616, had the front entrance removed.

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