SuttonBus - part 2

More SuttonBuses and a Thornton Heath one for good measure!

DMS 2400Sutton garage had a Sunday allocation on route 44 and DMS 2400 is seen at Mitcham on the 23rd of October 1988 on its way to Aldgate - the furthest north a SuttonBus would go in service.
D 2621D 2621 has just passed the old trollybus turning circle at Sutton Green and will soon travel past Sutton garage on its way to Morden. It is in full SuttonBus livery with a yellow band, mushroom skirt and fleet names (some had the garage phone number on the towing panel but this didn't last long). This view was taken on the 8th of June 1991, within a year it will have been broken up at P.V.S.
DMS 2519DMS 2519 is approaching the northern terminus of route 93 on the 11th of May 1991.
DMS 2450DMS 2450 is coming down Rose Hill on its way to Lower Morden - Beverley on the 20th of June 1991.
DMS 2489Route 154 used to double run along Queen Mary's Avenue, where DMS 2489 is seen, to serve the Hospital. Today the 154 carries straight along Stanley Park Road, there being little need to serve a closed hospital.
DMS 2405Carshalton Ponds has changed little over the years and now the road (A232) is much too narrow for the traffic that it carries but it would be a dreadful shame if it was ever altered. A one way scheme was tried but was abandoned after protests by the residents. Any way the 157 should have turn right over the bridge, just visible in the background, but has carried on due to a diversion. For many years this short stretch of Pound Street was only served by green buses. DMS 2405 is seen operating from Thornton Heath garage (it was never a SuttonBus) on the 30th of July 1988.
DM 2563DM 2563 was a SuttonBus but only briefly. When this shot was taken (7-7-91) all the Fleetlines at Sutton had mushroom skirts and IVECO engines. To see a proper Leyland with a grey skirt (and London General fleet names) was a bit of a surprise and I remember 'chasing' it to get a photograph. I 'caught' it in Crown Road on the Sutton one way system.
D 2610Route 213 was jointly worked by Norbiton and Sutton until the tendering process and privatization deemed it was better for routes to be operated by only one garage (or company). On the first tender Norbiton (Kingston Bus) was successful but on the 29th of September 1990 Sutton won the route and gained some Metros to operated it. D 2610 is seen in Sutton on the 20th of June 1991 substituting for a Metrobus.
DMS 2459The furthest south a SuttonBus would go in service would be Gatwick Airport on Surrey County Council route 522. DMS 2459 is seen in Redhill on its way to the airport on the 27th of August 1990.
DMS 2446Leyland engined training bus, DMS 2446, is seen out side the garage in June 1991.

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