Perhaps living close to Sutton garage was the reason that I was one of the few bus enthusiasts that actually liked the DMS. From that terrible day (the 4th of September) in 1982 Sutton was an all Fleetline garage. It was to stay that way until 1990 when some Metros were allocated for route 213 (we won't talk about the minibuses). During 1992 all the D/DMSs were replaced by Metros, D2646 was the last in service.

D2606What better way to start than a couple of photos taken outside Sutton garage. D2606 is seen at the front of the garage with D2537 in the background. It has just run in on route 293 and shows the destination - SUTTON GARAGE VIA CHEAM VILLAGE
D2537A better view of D2537, still in its white top livery. Both D2537 and D2606 came to Sutton in September '82 for use on route 93 which was still crew. When all the DMs had been converted to D route 93 became opo.
DMS2389DMS2389 is waiting outside Sutton Civic Offices before it runs back to the garage. Sutton is well off route for the 93, only being reached on garage runs. The destination reads - SUTTON GARAGE VIA PRIORY ROAD. Today the 93 runs back light via the bypass.
DMS2409DMS2409 is at the North Cheam, Priory Road terminus of the 93, about to make the long journey back to Putney Bridge Station. DMS2409 came to Sutton in July '82, after being overhauled, and was to stay there until it was sold for scrap in December '91. All the above pictures were taken on the 16th of September 1984.
DMS2339DMS2339 is at the Sunday terminus of the 280 - Banstead Hospital - on the 23rd of September 1984. This location is now High Down Prison and is served by route 80.
DMS2397Also taken on the 23rd of September is DMS2397 at Putney Bridge Station. It will run the full length of the route back to Priory Road and then continue, in service, back to the garage. DMS2397 operated at Sutton from November '82 to January '92 when it became a training bus, it was later re-classified DMT2397.
D2610D2610 is at the Hackbridge terminus of route 293 on the 25th of September 1984. The 293 replaced the M1 between Morden and Hackbridge in 1983, at the same time the 293 was cut back from Epsom to North Cheam in the evenings. The destination reads - NORTH CHEAM QUEEN VICTORIA
DMS2359DMS2359 is at the Lower Morden (Beverley) terminus of route 164 on the 26th of September 1984. The section from Morden to the Beverley was introduced in 1983 to cover part of the withdrawn M1 service.
D2535D2535 is at the Sutton Station terminus of route 164 on the 27th of September 1984.
DMS2526The last DMS - well DMS2526 was numerically the last DMS as the last 120 Fleetlines were DMs. It's at the Tooting Broadway terminus of the 280 and is about to go to Belmont. The destination reads BELMONT STN VIA SUTTON because Sutton is not mentioned on the via points blind.
DMS2368Between 1983 and 1988 route 80 and 93 provided a joint service from Morden to Putney. DMS2368 is seen at Putney Bridge Station on the 30th of September 1984.
DMS2300DMS2300 is at the Cheam Village terminus on route 151 on the 6th of October 1984.
DMS2337An evening shot of DMS2337 at the New Malden, Darley Drive terminus of route 213 on Saturday the 6th of October '84 but showing the Sunday via blind with Wallington and Roundshaw on it. The 213 was extended to West Croydon on Sundays to cover the 154 which was a Monday to Saturday route at the time.
D2614D2614 at Banstead on route 164. The blind has been set for the return journey to Lower Malden, Beverley.

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