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DMS 25When sales of the DMS started in 1979, the majority passed through the London dealer Ensign. Some were retained by Ensign to operate sightseeing tours of London, one of these was DMS 25 which was converted to open top. It was later sold to the BBC World Service and has toured Europe, the canvas roof can be lowered when bus is on the move so the overall height is under 4 metres.
DMS 33London Pride (Ensign) once had a large fleet of DMSs for sightseeing work but now only DMS 33 is left. London pride was recently sold so it remains to be seen what will become of this bus.
DMS 104Many of London Pride's DMSs carried all over advertising liveries, DMS 104 is seen on London Bridge promoting "Burger King". This bus is still doing sightseeing work but now it's in New York working for Apple tours.
DMS 132Very few DMSs have been preserved, one of the active ones is DMS 132 which was the prototype Leyland engined DMS. It has been restored to the livery, with the white relief, that only DMS 118-367 carried.
DMS 141Another sightseeing DMS in an all over advertising livery, but DMS 141 is promoting "McDonald's" and is operating by London Sightseeing Tours (LST). This bus is also now with Apple Tours.
DM 1007Route tendering came to London in 1986, and London Buslines were the first to use ex-London Fleetlines. DM 1007 is still operating in London but now it's with The Big Bus Company doing Sightseeing Tours, although you might not recognize it straight away, it's open top and numbered DM 3898 to match it's new registration - KLL 898N.
DM 1043Ensign also operated tendered routes, DM 1043 is seen with Ensign's standard two piece front blind box and unusually it has mixed front upper deck windows, the offside one has lost its opening part. The windows were always a weak point of the DMS.
DM 1090Not a conventional use for an open topper, DM 1090 was used for bridge maintenance by Network South East.
DM 1147London Sightseeing Tours gave their buses names, Flossie is seen passing the Cenotaph in the summer of '91. Now known just as DM 1147 it's with The Big Bus Company.

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