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The Leadership in Austria-Hungary during WWI


The Civil Leaders

These are stories of the servants of the four governments of Austria-Hungary during WWI. Some are the top officials of the Kaiser's cabinet: Foreign Minister, Common Finance Minister, and so on; these men were appointed by the Kaiser. Others are senior ministers of the separate governments of Austria or Hungary. Each part had its own ministers of finance, agriculture, railroads, telegraph and telephone, and so on. Austria's top political figure was the Chancellor, such as Karl Stürgkh, who ruled Austria as a dictator under Article XIV of the constitution, until he was assassinated. The Hungarian constitution had no dictatorship clause, but it had a Premier, such as István Tisza, who had great authority thanks to an extremely narrow voting franchise. All high offices were appointed by the Kaiser, but the high offices of Austria or Hungary were subject to approval by the Chancellor or Premier, respectively. Bosnia-Herzegovina had its own government, administered by the governor who was also Imperial or Common Finance Minister. This was not only a strange development, but the governor was in conflict with the military governor of the two provinces, who was in command of the XV. Army Corps at Sarajevo.
Alois Aehrenthal
Imperial Foreign Minister until 1912
Julius Andrassy
Imperial Foreign Minister in 1918
Albert Apponyi
Hungarian Minister of Education
Leopold Berchtold
Imp. Foreign Minister
Leon Bilinski
Imperial Finance Minister until 1915
Stefan Burian
Imperial Foreign Minister until 1915


Chancellor of Austria
Max Coudenhove
Governor of Bohemia
Ottokar Czernin
Imperial Foreign Minister until 1918
Konstantin Dumba
Ambassador to
the United States
Moritz Esterházy
Premier of Hungary
in 1917
Franz Ferdinand
Heir to the Thrones of Austria-Hungary

Janós Forgách
Ambassador to the Ukraine
Wladimir Giesl
Ambassador to Serbia

K. Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst
Imperial Hofmeister
Alexander Hoyos
Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs
Max Hussarek-Heinlein
Chancellor of Austria
Mihály Karólyi
Hungarian Premier
in 1919

Ernst Körber
Austrian Chancellor
Heinrich Lammasch
Last Austrian Chancellor
Karl Macchio
Undersecretary in Rome
Friedrich Mensdorff
Ambassador to Great Britain
Kajetan Mérey
Ambassador to Italy
Alfred Montenuovo
Imperial Hofmeister

Janós Pallavicini
Ambassador to the Sublime Porte
Josef Redlich
k.k. Finance Minister
Nikolaus Revertera
in Bern
Ernst Seidler
Austrian Chancellor
Prince Sixtus
Empress's brother
Ivan Skerlecz
Ban of Croatia

Alexander Spitzmüller
k.k. Finance Minister
Karl Stürgkh
Austrian Chancellor
Friedrich Szapáry
Ambassador to Russia
Nikolaus Szecsen
Ambassador to France
Ladislas de Szögyény
Ambassador to Germany
Adam Tarnowski
Ambassador to the United States

Franz Thun u. Hohenstein
Gov. of Bohemia
István Tisza
Hungarian Premier
Sandor Wekerle
Hungarian Premier
Friedrich Wiesner
Official investigator
The Habsburgs
The Field
Commanders A-K
The Field
Commanders L-Z

The Army Chiefs

Civil Leaders
and Bureaucrats
The Germans
The Field of Honour
Notgeld during WWI
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