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Electronic Percussionist Albums by Vince Schaefer

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CD album cover, A Drummers Laugh, by Vince Schaefer

A Drummers Laugh is the break-out work of Vince Schaefer. Completely drummed, this album comes with a very informative 9 page cover with many photos.  Additional credits to David Cambell for computer help. All music was drummed!              $11.99

CD album cover, Wizard Obligation, recorded live, by Vince Schaefer

Wizard Obligation is a CD-extra, meaning that along with the music, there are also pictures and videos you can view on any computer. And it has an informative 9 page album cover with more pictures. Most of this music was jammed live for the television show called: 'Inside the Creative Mind with Vince Schaefer'.     $13.99

CD album cover, Space Dude by Vince Schaefer, re-mixed by Chaz Ipson

This CD is the tune Space Dude, which was cut & paste work done by Chaz Ipson of Gorby Run Inc. The samples are from: Something I had to Play Without You. $5.99 

CD album cover, RX Band, with musical director: Vince Schaefer A Demo of cover tunes displays Vince Schaefer's talent and leadership in one of the early bands. Probably the first recording Vince played drum-set well. Doug Heaps recorded and mixed this in the Pasadena street studio. Other musicians included: Marty Urich, Kitty Smith, Carl Black, John.....                          $4.99
CD album cover, A Midlife Recital, by Vince Schaefer

A class taught at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh one icy morning in February. Playing his triggered Rogers drum-set, set a new bar for electronic percussion and solo performance. 

T-Shirts Quality T-shirts in different designs. Any combination is possible, I've listed some basics. State size and choice:                $11.99
  • A Drummers Laugh - blue background on gray  shirt 
  • Wizard Obligation - magenta background on yellow shirt
  • Drummer Laugh Picture  
Special Offer

Free A Drummers Laugh cassette with any purchase!

60 Minute Video
Inside the Creative Mind with 
Vince Schaefer
A music discussion about drummed music, electronic percussion, and Vince Schaefer, including four tunes performed live. Just an informal VHS copy (made from S-VHS) of the show.             $15.99

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