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Valuable Music resources especially musical directories that host a link to this Drum Music Electronic site are here. Music friends and important links for internet presence and CD album distribution, that Drum Music Electronic, owes a debt of gratitude. If you can't find it here, search using Google search engines.

The Official Cakewalk Power Site Cakewalk Power is the first book to deal exclusively with the Cakewalk Pro Audio, Guitar Studio, and Home Studio products. 

Billboard Sound and Action (German Directory) Check out some international music, and other musical stuff!

Hollowood Music Store
601 Chartiers Ave.
McKees Rocks, Pa. 15136 http://www.hollowood.com/ 

Silent Wing Audio
Call: Dan Festog or write: PO Box 536 Bobtown PA 15315 for Fully Automated Digital Mixdown

Common Laugh Directory Drum lessons, percussion history, teacher resources, live midi music, free real audio downloads, all by Vince Schaefer.      

Electric gongs, homemade musical instrument, for use with DrumKAT midi percussion controller, or Alesis D-4, simple trigger set up; artist Vince Schaefer! Photo of two gong hit, by independent musician, composer, and solo percussionist: Vince Schaefer, for television broadcast! 

Top-100 List of Bands and Music, includes: Drum Music ElectronicWith categories: General Music, CD's, Instruments, MP3's, Pro Audio, Studios, Bands, Web-casts     > > > > > > >

www.drcarlthomas.com musician friend from Pittsburgh!

Evelyn Glennie World renown percussionist!

The Cats Basket a site for all things midi

www.pittsburghrock.com all the local bands include Vince

The Random Brothers - Local Bands and Solo Performers

Mary Budimir is Deprogram, a hot new electronic artist, featured on this modern drumming web-site!Deprogram - from Australia
Exciting Modern Music!Deprogram is modern electronic music, featuring Mary Budimir!

Frank Zappa Music Site

Check out the Vince Schaefer albums at: View CD covers 

  Counter from Geocities

Jon Pike's Guitar School, featuring on-line lessons

Vince's Resume

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