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Some music related links that I Homemade musical instrument including electronic modern gong, using simple trigger and DrumKATmidi percussion controller use on a regular basis.
I don't spend nearly enough time playing music, because making a living these days involves far more business, and much less practice time. Modern music and video production involve keeping a lot of information and important lists in order. This page of related music links include many I use on a day to day basis, in my music business. Tips I've used today in my quest to make my crazy drummed music more accessible to all listeners, including lyrics and basic song structure help. Quite a bunch of free stuff is included on this list, so check it out!    
Favorite Music Links; some will actually teach you to play!

Silent Wing Audio
Call: Dan Festog or write: PO Box 536 Bobtown PA 15315 for Fully Automated Digital Mixdown

Hollowood Music Store
601 Chartiers Ave.
McKees Rocks, Pa. 15136 

Marimba Lumina - by Nearfield Multimedia, the makers of sophisticated satellite systems for NASA and the high-tech aerospace industry - A percussion controller for the future! It senses when the mallet approaches, and which mallet!

Smartlight guitar system - revolutionizing the way we learn and play guitar!

Deprogram The music of Deprogram features Mary B.!modern music!


Add Me!
Add your site to all the major search engines, free

First Use, free digital 
fingerprint, copyright

Shareware, Freeware, Software, Synths   

Li'L Hank's Guide for Songwriters

Miniature Drums by European craftsman and musician, with good detail and proportion; Cool Site by Vince!       

Music Ed Directory, large resource

Music Emporium, compose, and learn

Guitar player/Arranger = Dennis Warner

Music Stuff, just like it says;

Music Notes, an interactive experience

Vince Schaefer Musical Resume

The Cats Basket a site for all things midi


An international music directory which provides mp3, and real audio samples of all members! Check out pictures and real audio files not available elsewhere, including: Involved Evolution, Space Dude, Rhetoric Kills, and Always Knew by Vince Schaefer.

Drum Music Electronic spontaneous music, lights and art by, Vince Schaefer

The Official Cakewalk Power Site  Cakewalk Power is the first book to deal exclusively with the Cakewalk Pro Audio, Guitar Studio, and Home Studio products. 

Jon Pike's Guitar School

Indie Contact Bible major resource for the independent musician

Music Producer, D-Guitar

The Songwriting Education Resource

Jeff Mallett's Songwriter Site

Songwriters Resource Network musician and vocalist from Pittsburgh 

Charles Songwriting Notes

Silver Kat Music

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