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Please feel free to contact us with suggestions, comments, criticisms or Vince drums whole band of music in his performance! (watercolor picture) your ideas. I'll put up related music links regularly, on the appropriate page, giving other links or pages elsewhere, as I see fit. All music links may apply, with the emphasis on electronic music, drumming, and production. Electrified acoustic Rogers drum set, with triggered electronic percussion power, using the DrumKAT midi controller, PoleKAT pads, and sampled sounds!
My attempt is toward finding my next good drumming job, as opposed to being a big web success or record producer. I've always been a nationally oriented or performing musical entertainer, now hoping to expand my market with the internet. I'm at the top of my game, my chops are hot, and I still want to drum. I haven't lost a step on playing acoustic drums, and still take time to practice on one whenever I get the chance. My preference is Drum Workshop drum set, Zildjian and maybe a little Sabian cymbal action. If you checked out my real audio samples, free full length MP3s, or video sample movies, you got a taste of my diverse musical ideas applied to solo drumming. Just don't forget, I played 'cover tunes' in many successful bands, 6 nights a week for most of my career. Playing what everyone else played was my career. Now, I just play! To check out my professional drumming resume, and more Real Audio samples click here: Resume  
   Here are a couple real audio samples of my friend Jon (playing bass, featuring his Line 6 Pro) and me, jamming, or 'noodling' as he would say! 
Jam A - Real Audio - 450 kb 
Jam B - Real Audio - 1,570kb 

The idea behind this site is to motivate the electronic concepts of drumming and music as well as myself, as a performer. Of course selling a few T-shirts and CD albums wouldn't hurt this independent performer a bit. To check out the albums click: View CD covers. 

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