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Alternate Mode built the DrumKAT Turbo 2000 percussion controller I play on currently. Music equipment links for the companies that contribute to the Vince Drums Music project, featuring record producer, Vince Schaefer View with Internet Explorer, No Netscape!

Gear includes: Alesis QSR Synthesizer, Roland R-8, Modern electronic drum set pedal arrangement, for midi controllers; from left: controller 2, Sustain 2, HatKAT with Sustain 1, Kit change, Controller 1, Edit, Bass 2, FatKAT bass pedal! Mackie 1202 Mixer, DrumKAT Turbo Faces made while drumming his DrumKAT Turbo! He's actually a very happy guy, drumming and singing his original music! 2000 percussion controller, Alesis Microverb 4, Opcode Studio 64X MIDI Interface, Cheeta Master Series 5 Octave - 8 zone - 4 layer keyboard, Topaz MIDI light controller dimmer, Shure SM-57 microphone, Shure E-1 ear monitors, Yamaha Breath Controller, Pro-Mark drumsticks, Mackie SRM450 speakers, as well as many pedals and accessories from DrumTech.  A Digitech Vocalist Workstation was added in the fall of 2001 to enhance and process my vocals. I started playing with Ahead Drumsticks during that time also. 

Much of the equipment used has been fashioned and createdElectronic drum music uses props like the Bass Drum Fishtank by Vince Schaefer, to go with the FatKAT bass drum pedaland the HatKAT hihat pedal! by Vince Schaefer. Included is the Fish Tank style bass drum, Switch Drums, Drum Lights and more! This drum set can play any imaginable sound or instrument, along with lights! The whole set-up, including the PA or sound reinforcement system and lighting systems, fits into a car. Using very modern technology makes this sound clean and loud as I need it. This is accomplished with three midi interfaces. The DrumKAT, the Cheeta midi master keyboard, and the studio 64X  interface from Opcode. Recording is done in Cakewalk, with audio editing done in Sound Forge. To hear what this stuff sounds like when drummed on, click: Download Free Real Audio samples

New Stuff we've added recently!

  • Update to the incredible DrumKAT Turbo 2000 Much faster, smoother, with some great features that will enhance the íVince Drums Musicí project. High hat is now smooth like a real one.
  • Personal Samples 8 meg. Of personal samples I cut up and processed in Soundforge 4.5, are stored on a PCMCIA card, in the QSR. An additional 8 meg. will be added soon.
  • Mackie SRM 450ís Incredible bi-amplified, active cross over, servo controlled, auto-on monitors that are loud enough to rock a pretty big room. Iíve played with 4000 watt systems in the past that were not this loud. Unbelievable bass, brilliant clarity, and two only take up half my trunk. The two that were just added to the system keep Vince cranking in stereo!
    Download Real Audio files below to hear original music!
  • Digitech Vocalist Workstation adds reverb as well as tuning and harmonizing features to the vocal rack to enhance the singing package.

Evelyn (a modified dog) a Frank Zappa tune that happened to come to me, one day while warming up! Luckily the recorder was on. 

Teasin this is a practice tune that will be recorded for the new album! It features the new singing voice and quick hands of the artist. E-mail me with suggestions for the name! (Teasin is just a working title)

Videos of this Drum Music

MP3s of drummed music


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