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Music > Format choices to hear samples and download free music!   Modern drumming utilizing tympani and electronic midi instruments, triggered pads, percussion and keyboard controllers make it easy to drum music!

  • Real Audio > 13 short, free, real audio samples of this modern electronic music by soloist: Vince Schaefer

  •  MP3 > free full length mp3s take time to download

  •  Video > Quick time movie samples from 60 minute television show:  Inside the Creative Mind with Vince Schaefer

  •  MIDI > 4 midi files from original independent musician

About us > Some information on Vince Schaefer and Common Laugh Productions, midi consulting and all music production, including album covers and web sites. > Resume   >   Jazz Band   > Marching Band   Some hyperlinks on the resume, attach to the Common Laugh Directory (40 pages of information and free music, also featuring Vince Schaefer)

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Related Links > Electronic music, modern composition, guides, links  > visit Miniature Drums, (another web site by Vince Schaefer)

Equipment Links > where to find further information about all of the modern electronic drum equipment used by musician percussionist: Vince Schaefer

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