Drum Music, Electronic; with Vince Schaefer Samples of original music by Pittsburgh Recording Artist Vince Schaefer

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Exciting free real audio files to feature original musician and drummer!From recordings;  'A Drummers Laugh,' 'Wizard Obligation,' and others,  played,
recorded, and produced by Music Composer, Soloist, Electronic Percussionist: Vince Schaefer  on MIDI Controllers, (DrumKAT midi percussion controller, Cheeta master midi keyboard)  featuring personal Samples, created in his home recording studio using Sound Forge and Sound Bridge software. All music including light show is played live, without the aid of sequencers!

 To hear examples from the newest, original music by Vince: Click here!

  • Real Audio samples that download in seconds. The longest one is 50 seconds long. A great way to sample the music of Vince Schaefer. Many different styles and genres of music demonstrated! Triggered acoustic drums sound better with electronic samples added with midi percussion controller, DrumKAT and PoleKAT trigger pads!

  • MP3 files, which are full length, high quality renderings of the tunes from the CDs. Completely free to those patient enough to download. 

  • Video samples; If some link from the site sent you here for videos; we apologize. We took the videos off in April of 2002. All original videos available on the CD-rom album: Wizard Obligation which also includes pictures and music from the television show: Inside the Creative Mind with Vince Schaefer.

  • MIDI files; for those collectors of fine midi tunes. One is the exact file used to Download and listen to modern original music with real audio player! record the final master on the album: A Drummers Laugh. One has a lot of cool drummed solo piano ideas, though it hasn't been recorded, yet. Another is part of a musical sound track for a movie. 
    The Common Laugh Productions company also has a library of over 2000 popular midi files. Everything from rock to jazz to show tunes, and we've used Jammer software for some quick commercial radio jobs in the past, so we cover all midi bases.

    To view the album covers click here: Albums by Vince Schaefer 

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