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Vince Schaefer and Common Laugh Productions has been in business over six years.

To view Vince's Resume Click Here

A full service audio and midi studio with emphasis on live performance, MIDI oriented home music recording studio, with DrumKAT Turbo 2000 percussive midi controller, Cheeta Master Series 5 octave - 8 zone - 4 layer - midi keyboard controller, Opcode Interface, and Mackie mixer!can meet any informational and performance needs. MIDI is 16 channels; but the DrumKAT has 32, The Opcode interface 64, and the Cheeta keyboard 64! Vince uses these three midi interfaces in his live set-up to accomplish the modern midi oriented music he performs. Technically, 56 discreet midi channels handle the flow of midi messages, to synthesizers, light Vince drumming music in the Common Laugh Pro studios! controller, and effect modules. For instance, only midi messages for the Topaz Light Controller are on that midi channel. That goes the same for every instrument. Whether recording or performing live music, no patch cords are moved. No instrument is simply chained, they all are separate coming out of their interface. Otherwise, the sheer statistical density of midi messages would create bottlenecks and subsequent timing errors for drumming.  See the equipment page for more information on the gear used to drum music. For more on Vince, click on his professional resume!

   All web publishing and the printing of CD albums is also handled professionally at CLP. High quality photograph editing and printing enhance any recording project. Keyboard view of the drum solo action when Vince performs music!

The business phone is answered most often during regular business hours: 412-771-2174

Our address is: Vince Schaefer. 2960 Sacramento Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15204 

We're real big on privacy, I most certainly would never share my e-mail address list with anyone, so feel free to drop me a line at: vin.drums@verizon.net .

Please feel free to contact us! Check out the albums I made at Common Laugh Productions: View CD

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