Drum Music, Electronic; with Vince Schaefer Latest Original Music by Vince Schaefer, drummed live for entertainment!

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This music was recorded in October of 2002. It's all original music, performed live, on my electronic drum set. These examples are all the pop sounding basic melodies I use to try to hold this insane drum solo act together. Just drum solos (using only drums) would get boring quickly, making it impossible to truly rock a two hour set, though with the addition of some melody and a few words, hopefully it's a rewarding musical experience!  All names are work file representations that are subject to adjustment. (mail me if you  have some better ideas for titles or lyrics, or if you want to jam) These are quick, unmixed, live, recordings, and shouldn't be confused with previously recorded (and better quality) album material. Short Real Audio files:

Chrome Circus - 564KB - Real Audio

Skeletal Remains - 556KB - Real Audio

Hill that Turned Flat - 685KB - Real Audio

Electric gongs, homemade musical instrument, for use with DrumKAT midi percussion controller, or Alesis D-4, simple trigger set up; artist Vince Schaefer! Photo of two gong hit, by independent musician, composer, and solo percussionist: Vince Schaefer, for television broadcast! 

Evil Doctor - 1.11MB - Real Audio

Meandering To A Different Drummer - 622KB - Real Audio This is the sample with me as a soloist

I've performed 'Meandering' live with a friend playing guitar. Check out my original music with Dennis Warner playing guitar! 682KB And a little guitar solo from later in the tune! 386KB
More music with Dennis
Dennis' website is www.d-guitar.com 

I have to set this one up...Dennis heard this one kit and liked it. I hadn't tried to play this one for over 5 years, which wouldn't be difficult except: this kit had the snare drum under my left foot, which is a technique I haven't used for years. We took about 15 minutes to work out the changes and played. An excerpt from Pictures at an Exhibition by Moussorgsky, during a section called Baba Yaga  .98MB

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