Aztec 7 Owners Regestry
Tom Fox

Phillip Crotts

Esther Bear?
Ian Jammiest?
Dan Rivest?
Jack Westerlund
Zane Negrych
Joey Titus?
Cal Macy
Ed Byrd (for sale)
Tony Alberts
Harry Schay
Tim Hibsman
James Burns
Mathew Jones
Brett Butler (for sale)

North Carolina
John Jaynes
Edward Errico

Kent Abbot
Charles Pretzman (for sale)
Ken Weaver
Alan Petitt
Phil Liechty?
Jim Elder

South Dakota
Jon Pecaut (for sale)

Rob Titmus

Felix Moitoret


Paul Diagle
(for sale)
Alain Beaucage
Spencer Wilson
Benoit Simard (for sale 2005)
Pierre Krstic (for sale)

Jovana Tomic

Unknown Location:

Robert Clark
By Serial Number:
It appears some of the Aztec 7 bodies were numbered at the factory.  The numbers are located on the back of the main body section in the engine compartment.  We have yet to determine any pattern to this numbering scheme, but as we gather more numbers we may learn more.  This will help in tracking the cars as well.

#6370288 (Chum)
#737060 (Erik Emerson)
#805021 (Lennart Swenson #2)
#805031 (Ken Weaver)
#805048 (Don Reinhardt)
#805031 (Tim Hibsman)
#805054 (Vic Schisler)
#805065 (Chris Guenther)
#805071 (Kent Abbot)
#815018 (Paul Therriault)
#815026 (Art Hagen)
#815035 (Leon Butler)
#815037 (Ralph Capen)
#815039 (Roque Haines)
#815045 (Spencer Wilson)
#815062 Frank Masset
#825004 (Mike Elbers)
#837004 (Charles Pretzman)
#837038B (Jack Westerlund)
#837040 (Paul Weber)
#837200 (Felix Moitoret)
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    Please Note, this regestry is as up-to-date as I can make it, but it relies on you to let me know if you just bought or sold a car.  If any changes or additions need to be made, please let me know as soon as possible  by emailing me at: or using the Regestry Form below.  The last time I updated this page was April 2, 2008.  I added Art Hagen in Indiana, and Gregory Rapp (in known destroyed section). I also updated the entry for  Pierre Krstic (Canada).  He is still trying to sell his car, and has more contact information.  There are about 57 cars now located plus another 11 who's whereabouts or owners are  unknown and 3 that are suspected destroyed.  It's nice to own something so rare!

Name? = Last known owner, but it's questionable.
Name/?? = Car was sold to an unknown person.
Other Aztec 7's to look for:
-- An all white one was spotted in Mexico
-- There may have been one at Evergreen College, in Federal Way, WA
-- A person by the name of CaptanMgmtBuilder (internet name) used to own one in Boulder CO.  It had a small block Chevy and lots of extras.
-- Vic Schisler spotted an Aztec 7 owned by Joey Titus in California, but all attempts to contact him for more information have failed.
Erik Emerson
Chris Guenther
Mike Stevens
Paul Weber

Frank Masset

Edward Taicsich
Mike Mastranglo (for sale)
Dennis Gilliam
Jennifer Choate
Jeff Bowen
Dana Johnson

Art Hagen

Rick Hose?

Nathan Quinn

Rich Reedy

Darrin Ridenour

New Hampshire
Paul Therriault

New York
Mike Baldwin?
Mike Elbers

New Jersey
Don Reinhardt (for sale)

Clarence Ellers2/??

Tom Lasich
Leon Butler (for sale)
Lennart Swenson #2
Andrew Weaver (for sale)
George Hanstein

Larry Savage

Ralph E. Capen/?
Bill Koprin
Roque Haines
By Location:
Known/Suspected Destroyed:
- Mike Gural, Boulder Colo.
- Rob

- Lennart Swenson #1
- Gregory Rapp
- Will Tressler