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George Palmer's Journey From Prince Edward Island to
Hong Kong and the Omine Camp in WWII

His Story
    Chronology     Capt. Wilson Interview     Dr. Gingras Interview
1.   I am looking for any information applicable to George Thomas Palmer including: guard duty in Eastern Canada, the trip to western Canada, across the Pacific on the S.S. Awatea, arriving in Hong Kong, the battle of Hong Kong, his surrender at St. Albert's Convent, the incarceration at North Point and Shamshuipo camps, the trip to Japan on the Tatuta Maru, the incarceration at Omine camp on Kyushu Island, Japan, and the liberation and return home

2.   I am looking for a complete listing (
in reference to HQ Company link) of men's names from HQ Company, Platoon 2,3,4,5,6

3.   I am looking for unit pictures (
in reference to HQ Company link) of HQ Company, Platoon 2,4,5,6

4.   I am looking for pictures of Omine camp and mines

5.   I am looking for contact information on Ed Divine (originally from N.B.) - Hong Kong veteran who knew my grandfather


1.     Glenn Stein (
click here for his e-mail) is looking for information on Temp. Lieut. Herbert Charles Dixon, Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer - was a radio technician in civilian life who was captured at Hong Kong and was involved in 'illegal' radio receivers in Shamshuipo POW camp.  He was awarded the MBE (Member British Empire)

2.     Connie Larsen (
click here for her e-mail) is looking for any information on her dad, Kenneth Hogarth (Winnipeg Grenadiers) with regards to the Hong Kong journey

3.     Pam Broadhead (
click here for her e-mail) is looking for any information on her dad, John Richard Marriott, 186877, 22nd Fortress Co., Royal Engineers Wellington Barracks, Hong Kong.  Was a POW at Sham Shui Po and was sent to Omine Camp on Kyushu Island in January 1943 on first Canadian Draft - Tatuta Maru

(I invite anyone to forward any information to me that would be beneficial towards my research.  I would be grateful for this)