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George Palmer's Journey From Prince Edward Island to
Hong Kong and the Omine Camp in WWII

His Story
    Chronology     Capt. Wilson Interview     Dr. Gingras Interview
A.   When and where were you captured? 

Answer: 23rd December 1941 in the area of St. Alban's Convent, Hong Kong.

B.   I show you a photograph attached hereto and marked Exhibit 'A'.  Will you examine this photograph (
click here to view photograph) and see if you can identify any of the Japanese in it? 

Answer:  Yes sir.  The 3rd man from the left in the 2nd row of the photograph marked 'A'.

C.   Do you know of any specific acts or omissions committed against yourself? 

Answer:  No sir.

D.   Do you know of any specific acts or omissions of a specific nature against other Canadians? 

Answer:  Yes sir.  The Jap marked 'A' in the photograph attached (click here to view photograph) is the man who bayoneted C.S.W. Sheppard in the arm on the 30th or 31st of January 1944.  On that occasion, a man fainted on parade and CSM Sheppard wanted to take him in and the Guard Commander said to bring him back.  He then called Sheppard over and slapped his face and Sheppard kind of pushed him away.  He then knocked Sheppard down with a stick and then bayoneted him in the arm.  It was the left arm and he put Sheppard in the Guard Room for twenty one days.  Sheppard got alright again and is home now at River Bend, Quebec.

The man marked 'B' the man 2nd from the left in the photograph was the Guard Commander.  One day a man was standing at the door of the kitchen on a crutch and he did not salute him and he turned round and slapped his face.

The man 3rd from the right in the 3rd row and marked 'C' in the photograph was also a very bad Guard Commander against the Canadians.

E.   Do you know of any acts or omissions of a general nature against Canadians such as general mistreatment, starvation, abuse, group punishment and lack of medical care, etc.? 

Answer:  That was always the conditions sir.

F.   Do you know of any acts or omissions of a general or specific nature against other nationals? 

Answer:  No sir.

(The following is the statement given to Captain W.H. Wilson by H.F-40192 Corporal Palmer, George Thomas, Royal Rifles of Canada taken at Headquarters, M.D, No. 6,  Halifax, Nova Scotia this 7th day of January 1946)