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George Palmer's Journey From Prince Edward Island to
Hong Kong and the Omine Camp in WWII

His Story
    Chronology     Capt. Wilson Interview     Dr. Gingras Interview
1.   Aksenchuk, Jerry T.
2.   Andrews, Francis J.W.
3.   Arno, Frank
4.   Axentchuk, William
5.   Baker, Harold A.
6.   Barter, Robert B.
7.   Belcourt, Victor
8.   Bell, James K.
9.   Bennett, Arthur E.
10. Bent, Howard N.
11. Billson, Walter G.
12. Bilyk, Mike
13. Blackstone, Robert L.
14. Blank, Elmer W.
15.  Blaylock, Tom *
16. Bolton, Edward C.
17. Booth, John
18. Bowman, Herbert
19. Broome, Charles N.
20. Brophy, Bernard F.
21. Brown, Louis
22. Bujold, Edward
23. Bujold, Joseph J.
24. Burns, John F.
25. Byers, Clement *
26. Cadoret, Bruce
27. Calder Vincent A.
28. Campbell, Ralph W.
29. Campbelton, Edward A.
30. Carr, Murray G.
31. Castonguay, Bernard
32. Cauldwell, Francis B.
33. Cheboyer, David J.
34. Chard, John F.
35. Chenell, William R.
36. Coates, William R.
37. Contois, Alexander
38. Coull, Blair S.
39. Coull John A.V.
40. Courier, Joseph A.
41. Coutts, George L.
42. Cyr, Clement
43. Dallain, Charles C.
44. Dancause, Paul
45. Danielson, John H.
46. D'Avignon, Maurice
47. Dearden, John E.
48. Delarosbil, Pierre L.
49. Doiron, John L.
50. Dorion, Rosaire
51. Drouin, Raymond
52. Drury, Harry
53. Dunseath, Daniel R.
54. Ebdon, Frank W.
55. Elliot, Raymond
56. Enright, Arley
57. Evans, David L.
58. Fertal, John
59. Fitzpatrick, Charles J.
60. Fletcher, Charles W.
61. Forsberg, Ralph
62. Fortin, Alexander J.
63. Gailbraith, Henry R.
64. Gallaway, William E.
65. Gendron, Laurier
66. Gold, Stanley
67. Grantham, Edward G.A.
68. Guthrie, George G.
69. Guthrie, James
70. Guy, Alvin L.
71. Hallada, George A.
72. Hamon, Lionel J.
73. Hanna, Lloyd W.
74. Harris, Arthur J.
75. Harris, Frank
76. Hawke, William D.
77. Hay, Clarence V.
78. Henderson, Lawrence
79. Henry, Thomas R.
80. Hobson, Edmund S.
81. Horswell, George H.
82. Hunt, Alfred
83.   Hunt, Hector
84.   Huntington, Windom
85.   Innes, George
86.   Irvine, James D.
87.   Irving, Richard M.
88.   Jacquard, Gilbert G.
89.   Jessop, Albert F.
90.   Jessop, James R.
91.   Kaine, Eursal
92.   Kaine, John
93.   Laflamme, Thomas P.
94.   Lancour, Walter R.
95.   Lapierre, Joseph C.
96.   Lasenba, Earl
97.   Lauriault, Allan
98.   Legros, Joseph F.
99.   Lloyd, Ferdinand D.
100. Lloyd, Frank *
101. Lloyd, Stanley G.
102. Lockhart, Maurice E.
103. Lowe, John J.
104. MacDonald, Lorne M.
105. MacPhearson, John F.
106. MacWhirter, William W.
107. Mahoney, Charles A.
108. Main, James S.
(died) *
109. Mallows, Harry
110. Maloof, Steve J.
111. Mayhew, Richard J.
112. McBeath, Earl E.
113. McColm, Murray R.
114. McIntyre, George J.
115. McKay, Andrew J.
116. McKinley, Sterling
117. McLean, Neil
118. McShane, Robert T.
119. McTeer, William E.
120. Meade, Ernest
121. Michalkow, Joe
122. Miller, Ernest J.
123. Millitaire, Henry L.
124. Mossman, Earl G.
125. Murphy, Leo
126. Murray, George W.
127. Nichol, Ralph
128. Nicholson, Harold F.
129. Nicholson, Malcolm
130. Nobiss, Roger
131. Olron, L. *
132. Orr, Douglas W.
133. Oullette, Marcel
134. Palmer, George T.
135. Parkes, Walter R.
136. Patrick, Leonard
137. Pollock, Allison
138. Poquet, Andrew
139. Pottinger, Roy
140. Rame, Charles E.
141. Robinson, Clifford
142. Ross, Lancelot S.
143. Roy, Bertram A.
144. Royer, James C.
145. Savoy, Edward L.
146. Schmal, Walter J.
147. Shalala, John A.
148. Shepherd, Harold B.
149. Skelton, Sydney
150. Smith, Thomas W.
151. Smith, Wilfred D.
152. Southgate, Marcus D.
153. Stickles, Leslie R.
154. Thompson, Wendell G.
155. Trasiewick, Joseph F.
156. Turcotte, Arthur D.
157. Vanclief, Donald J.
158. Vidal, William K.
159. Walsh, James E.
160. Wardell, Thomas D.
161. Welsh, Ernest E.
162. Wiebe, Elmer
163. Willet, Issac A.
164. Willet, Percy J.
165. Windsor, Cecil 'Red'
166. Wood, Donald G.

There were approximately 700 POWs at Omine camp - of this amount, 166 were Canadian. This camp was located approximately 160 km northeast of Nagasaki on Kyushu Island between Kawasaki and Soeda districts (not to be confused with the other Omine Camp located in the Tokyo suburb of Kawasaki which also contained Canadian POWs). 

Special thanks to ex-Omine POWs Bob Barter, Lance Ross, Ernest Welsh, John Marriott, George Coutts, and Bill MacWhirter.  From their diaries and/or correspondance, I was able to compile the list of names below. 

For the Canadian POWs who died at Omine Camp (noted in the list below),
click here for circumstances of their deaths

Note:  Vince Lopata, a retired Captain and a Secretary for the Hong Kong Veterans Association 'C' Force Memorial Project, has been and is currently involved in extensive research with respect to the Canadian Hong Kong story.  He states the men above that are denoted with an asterisk might not have been at Omine.  As well, he adds that his research has listed the following Canadian men as having been at Omine Camp: William T. Cox and Frank McColm.

Vince Lopata's sources:
(1) King's Printer, "
Canadian Prisoners of War and Missing Personnel in the Far East", HQS, 9050-14-15 (100-9-45 (8020)), Ottawa, 18 Sep 45.  This reference applies to returning POWs
(2) POW Research Network, Japan, "
Fukuoka No. 5 Branch Camp" (Omine Coal Mine, Kawasaki-Machi), 2005.  This reference applies to Canadian POWs who died at Omine