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George Palmer's Journey From Prince Edward Island to
Hong Kong and the Omine Camp in WWII

His Story
    Chronology     Capt. Wilson Interview     Dr. Gingras Interview
Feb 13 1940:  Joins military at Aldershot, Nova Scotia - assigned to West Nova Scotia Regiment

Feb 23 1940:  Transfers to Royal Rifles of Canada

Nov/Dec 1940:  Sent to Newfoundland for garrison duties

Aug 18 1941:  Regiment leaves Newfoundland on Lady Drake and travels to Valcartier, Quebec

Oct 23 1941:  Leaves Valcartier and heads west to Vancouver by train

Oct 27 1941:  Embarks from Vancouver aboard the HMTS Awatea

Nov 1 1941:  Promoted to Corporal

Nov 2 1941:  Awatea arrives in Honolulu, Hawaii for refueling

Nov 14 1941:  Awatea arrives in Manila, Philippines for refueling

Nov 16 1941:  Arrives in Hong Kong - settles in at Sham Shui Po barracks

Dec 8 1941:  Battle of Hong Kong Colony begins

Dec 18 1941:  Invasion of Hong Kong Island

Dec 23 1941:  Captured at St. Albert's Convent Hospital

Dec 31 1941:  Sent to Sham Shui Po prison camp on Hong Kong mainland

Jan 23 1942:  Sent to North Point Camp on Hong Kong Island

Sep 24 1942:  Sent to Bowen Road Military Hospital

Nov 1 1942:  Sent to Sham Shui Po Camp

Jan 19 1943:  Sent to Japan with 662 other Canadians on Tatuta Maru ship - first Canadian Draft

Jan 22 1943:  Arrives at Nagasaki, Japan

Jan 23 1943:  Arrives at Omine Camp via train - 160 km northeast of Nagasaki, Kyushu Island, Japan

Aug 15 1945:  War is over

Aug 25 1945:  Allies arrive at Omine Camp

Sep 22 1945:  Leaves Omine Camp and arrives at Nagasaki.  Boards British aircraft carrier HMS Speaker

Sep 24 1945:  Arrives Okinawa

Sep 26 1945:  Leaves Okinawa on U.S. troopship USS Renville

Oct 1 1945:  Arrives Manila, Philippines

Oct 9 1945:  Leaves Manila on British aircraft carrier HMS Glory

Oct 20 1945:  Arrives Pearl Harbour, Hawaii

Oct 21 1945:  Leaves Pearl Harbour

Oct 26 1945:  Arrives Gordon Head Camp, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Nov/Dec 1945:  Arrives home in P.E.I. and stays there until the end of December

Jan 3 1946:  Arrives in Halifax, Nova Scotia - #6 Military Depot District

Jan 17 1946:  Discharged from military 'to return to civil life on demobilization'