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George Palmer's Journey From Prince Edward Island to
Hong Kong and the Omine Camp in WWII

His Story
    Chronology     Capt. Wilson Interview     Dr. Gingras Interview
1.    Bent, Howard N. - R.R.C. - alcohol poison (died 07-Sep-45)
2.    Blank, Elmer - R.R.C. - malnourishment, tuberculosis (died 28-Jan-45)
3.    Campbell, Ralph - R.R.C. - crushed in mine from falling rocks (died 14-Jul-44)
4.    Cheboyer, David - W.G. - Japanese brutalities (died 13-Mar-45)
5.    Chenell, William R. - R.R.C. - typhoid fever (died 21-Apr-44)
6.    Cyr, Clem - R.R.C. - R.R.C. - alcohol poison (died 07-Sep-45)
7.    Fitzpatrick, Charles - R.R.C. - crushed in mine from falling rocks (died 14-Jul-44)
8.    MacDonald, Lorne - R.R.C. - pneumonia (died 05-Aug-43)
9.    Main, James - R.R.C. - injuries from mine cave-in (died around 22-Oct-43)
10   McKinley, Sterling - R.R.C. - tuberculosis (died 09-Apr-44)
11.  Murray, George W. - R.R.C. - malnourishment (died 04-May-43)
12.  Savoy, Edward L. - R.R.C. - malnourishment (died 20-Aug-43)
13.  Wood, Donald G. - R.R.C. - dysentery (died 17-Sep-43)
14.  ??son (
See note 1) - R.R.C. - ??????????????????????????????

Note 1
: There is a name stated on a cross in Geoff Tyson's Last Days of Omine book of drawings.  However, at this point in time, we were unable to make out all letters and numbers on the cross.  What has been determined: R.R.C., the last name ends in 'son' (it looks like there are two letters before 'son'), the rank identifier starts with a 'C' (however, the first name could be mixed in with the 'C'), and the death date starts with a '5' and ends in either '43' or '45' (courtesy of Lou 'Kilmer' Palmer's efforts)