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                     TABLE OF CONTENTS




1.  Before the War

a.  In the Beginning

2.  With the Royal Rifles of Canada: Feb 1940 - Oct 1941

a.  Brief History of the Royal Rifles of Canada
b.  Joining the Military and Garrison Duty
c.  The Train Ride West
d.  Postscript: RMS Lady Drake

3.  Across the Pacific: Oct - Nov 1941

a.  The Awatea Experience
b.  Postscript: HMCS Prince Robert and HMTS Awatea

4.  Arrival in the Far East and the Battle of Hong Kong: Nov - Dec 1941

a.  Arrival in Hong Kong
b.  Sham Shui Po Barracks
c.  Calm Before the Storm
d.  The Battle
e.  Captured at St. Albert's
f.   Postscript: A Look Back at the General Conditions of the Defenders

5.  POW Life at Hong Kong: Dec 1941 - Jan 1943

a.  The Geneva Convention and Bushido: A Brief Overview
b.  The Beginning of POW Life
c.   North Point Camp
d.   Bowen Road Military Hospital
e.   Sham Shui Po Camp
f.   Common Conditions at the Hong Kong Camps
g.   Postscript: The Camps and Hospitals Now

6.  From Hong Kong to Japan on the Tatuta Maru: Jan 1943

a.  The Drafts
b.  The Tatuta Maru Preparations
c.  The Voyage to Japan
d.  Postscript: The Tatuta Maru

7.  POW Life at Omine Camp, Kyushu, Japan: Jan 1943 - Aug 1945

a.  Arrival
b.  Camp Name and Location
c.  History of the Mining Company
d.  Working at the Mine
e.   Mine Work Groups
f.   Other Work
g.   Daily Schedule
h.   Camp Layout and Facilities
i.    Food
j.    Code of Conduct and Behaviour
k.   POW Commanders
l.    Brutalities
m.  Escaping and the Clandestine Committee
n.   Morale
o.   Climate
p.   Activities During Spare Time
q.   Clothing
r.   Diaries
s.   Fleas and Mosquitoes
t.   Religion and Church Services
u.  The Canteen
v.  The Red Cross
w. The Garden and Farm Animals
x.  Other POW Arrivals
y.  Medical Conditions
z.   Communication With the Outside World
aa. Comfort Parcels
bb. The Camp Flags
cc. Postscript: The Omine Camp Area Now

8.  The End of the War and Back to Canada: Aug 1945 - Mar 1946

a.  Liberation
b.  Payback
c.  Homeward Bound
d.  Discharged from the Military
e.  A Look Back: The Canadians in Hong Kong and Japan
f.  Postscript: HMS Speaker, USS Renville, and HMS Glory

9.  Conclusion

a.  A New Beginning


a.  Selected Military Abbreviations
b.  Military Personnel Within a Canadian Infantry Battalion
c.  Palmer's Military Chronology
d.  Palmer's Service Records
e.  Brief Overview of the Hong Kong Battle
f.  Unofficial List of Canadian POW Names at Omine Camp
g.  Geoff Tyson's Drawings of Omine Camp
h.  Japanese Provisions for the Handling of POWs at Omine Camp
i.   Japanese Provisions for the Activation/Mobilization of a Reserve Security Unit
j.   List of Assorted Japanese Officials at Omine Camp


1.   First Letter: Sent from North Point Camp, Hong Kong
2.   Second Letter: Sent from Omine Camp, Japan
3.   Third Letter: Sent from Omine Camp, Japan
4.   Letter Sent from Red Cross Enquiry Bureau
5.   Pictures, Drawings, and Maps of Omine Area
6.   Omine Camp Escape Article - Montreal Star
7.   Telegram Stating Palmer's Liberation
8.   Manila Interrogation Report
9.   Four Liberated P.E.I. Natives Article - Charlottetown Guardian
10. Telegram Stating Palmer's Departure from Manila
11. Medical Services Letter
12. Camp Pass - Gordonhead, B.C.
13. Incoming Personnel Slip - Halifax, N.S.
14. Army Counselor's Report
15. Army Discharge Certificate
16. Instructions on Retirement or Discharge
17. Loss Claim
18. George Palmer's Military Pay
19. George Palmer's Military Income Summary
20. Obituary - Charlottetown Guardian
21. Grave Site, St. Peter's Bay, P.E.I.
- Dark Side of the Sun -

George Palmer's Journey From Prince Edward Island to
Hong Kong and the Omine Camp in WWII

His Story
    Chronology     Capt. Wilson Interview     Dr. Gingras Interview